About Us

Lernsys is a leading provider of premium academic content, engaging video courses and customized academic materials for homeschooled, public, and private school English-speaking students in North America and around the world.

Our vast library of rich, creative, and unique academic content includes common core, advanced placement and elective subjects spanning grades Kindergarten to Grade 12th in a variety of subjects, fields and disciplines, including math, science, history, social studies, reading, languages, art, biology, physics and more.

"Education, Your way".Lernsys was launched in response to the dearth of quality, individually tailored online resources for homeschooling parents and students in North America. Our content providers are certified, licensed and accredited teachers with extensive pedagogic credentials who adhere to the highest academic standards and principles to ensure consistency over the educational trajectory of the student.

Lernsys instructors operate as private contractors and come from varied backgrounds; as such, the academic content offered to parents is highly adaptable, rich and unique. The ability to pick and choose faculty is an exclusive Lernsys feature which allows parents to refine their instructor choices by location, subject, credential, masteries, teaching style and religious inclination (for religious-based curricula).

Lernsys recognizes many homeschooling parents arrive to the decision to homeschool their children as a result of declining academic standards in both the public and private school system, physical violence in today’s schools, bullying, both on-campus as well as in social media, and an almost inexistent ethical and moral component lacking in today’s academic environment. A central component to Lernsys pedagogy is the students’ well-being, both physical and mental, and their love and respect for their family and community, these being complementary offerings that address broader “self help” issues for our children. We provide completely free of charge through our many volunteers and contributors, lessons and instructional materials such as Yoga for Kids, Meditation for Kids, Life Skills, Cyber-Bullying, Healthy Eating, etc., thus providing parents and millions of children access to fundamental life skills instruction that is a vital, harmonizing component to traditional academic instruction.       

While offering a platform that allows for parental control over instructor and curriculum selection, Lernsys curricula is interwoven with lesson plans that consistently promote kindness, morality, liberty, and equality across all cultures, races and gender.

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