Grade 8

Our premium selection of academic courses for Grade 8 include hours of engaging video-lessons, worksheets, downloadable materials and resources, quizzes, tests, and support material to ensure students are able not only to learn, but to master all 8th grade subjects.

Our 8th grade video courses cover critical areas and subjects such as Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Science, History and Language.

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This math course activates curiosity through questioning & real-life problems. From algebra,number sense, geometry and data analyses-you learn exponents,Pythagorean Theorem, transformation, functions, bivariate data, area and volume. +
This course offers 41 exciting lessons in geography which will help you see the world in a completely new thrilling and amazing way! +
Immerse yourself further through the incredible field of science and scientific research, including research in the areas of eco-systems and bio-diversity studies +
Learn humanities with the disciplines of design and building and the arts, can offer unique opportunities for exploration and achievement +
Packed with hours of exciting science, this course develops students' understanding of the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry or Biology. +
International-standards (PISA) 8th grade English course will take your kid's language skills to +

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