Recommended Audio and Video Equipment

Lernsys Recommended Audio and Video Equipment

There are many options available for audio/video recording, and we know that some instructors may need help deciding which will work best for them.

Video Equipment:

To pass our Review Process, videos submitted must be at least in 720p HD. To learn more about Video Quality Standards, click here. Recommended recording devices you may already possess include:

  • Most DSLR and digital cameras
  • Go Pro cameras
  • HD Flip cameras
  • iPhone (iPhone 4 and above)
  • iPad (iPad 2 and above)
  • Samsung Galaxy (S4 and above)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab (2 and above)
  • Most webcams will work fine

To ensure you have the right camera, simply search your model of camera on Google and see that it will record at resolutions of up to 1280×720. Conduct a quick Google search to check.

Video Format:

We strongly recommend using .mp4 video format as videos in .mp4 can also be accessed via mobile devices (Android and iOS). This format also renders lighter files which can be streamed faster to end-users.

Audio Equipment:

When deciding on your audio hardware, remember to consult our Audio Quality Standards help page. Below you will find a list of popular devices to record your audio:

USB Microphones: 

Lapel Clip on Microphone: 

  1. Blue Yeti
  2. Blue Snowball 
  3. Samson Go Mic 
  4. Sony ECM CS3 

Test Video: 

Make and submit a short 2 to 3 minute test video and send it to us for feedback before you record all of your course lessons. This will save you a ton of time and work should you need to make adjustments.

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