Video Recording Tips

Lernsys Video Quality Standards

Your students deserve the best quality video that you can provide. In fact, 3 out 4 students say that video quality is extremely important to them. For this reason, we have provided here some tips on how to get high-quality video that will please your students.

Quick Tips

Lecture Duration: We recommend that lectures be between 10-20 minutes in lenght (up to 30 minutes), depending on the age of your target student.

Best Video Settings: 720p (HD) minimum.

Text Mobile Friendly: Write large enough for reading on smaller screens.

Video File Size: 5 to 10 MB for each minute of recording, in order to ensure fast streaming even to mobile devices. Videos that exceed 5 to 10 MB per recorded minute will not be published. For free software or to optimize your video, see Optimizing Output Video Size

File Type: .mp4 (.mp4 is the format recommended if you want your course to be mobile friendly (tablets and cell phones)).

Lighting: Balanced, bright, minimal shadows.

Framing: Backdrop that is uniform, clean, and not distracting. Speaker should stand out against backdrop.

Personality: Be yourself. Speak directly to students, use direct eye contact. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone in order to make the course engaging and fun.

Test Video: Prior to recording your full course, we strongly recommend sending us a short test video/lesson (2 to 3 minutes) so one of our team members can review it for you. This will help you pass our Review Process and prevent any problems.

Slide classes: Slide classes or presentations with audio narration must meet the following or they will not be approved:

  • Slides, images or other objects used should be either related to the topic being discussed or play a role in the lesson, even if it's just to grab the students' attention or make the lesson fun.                     
  • The teacher (presenter) must be visible during at least 30% of the video-course, or at least 2 to 3 minutes during the start of the lesson, and 2 to 3 minutes during the end.


Recommended video format?

We strongly recommend using .mp4 video format as videos in .mp4 can also be accessed via mobile devices (Android and iOS). This format also renders lighter files which can be streamed faster to end-users. For example, a 5 minute video file in .wmv generates a large output file of approximately 175 MB which exceeds the maximum size allowed. However, the same video file would be much smaller if generated in .MP4 format:

MP4 - 720x480 o 640 x 480 = 52.4 MB

Smaller output files are required to ensure your course can be streamed quickly even for users on mobile devices. If your recording device does not allow you the option to choose .mp4, there are free video file converters which you can use to convert the file.

Windows: Click here to download a free copy of HandBrake for Windows

Mac: Click here to download a free copy of HandBrake for Mac

HandBrake will help you resize and convert your video files to MP4 and adjust other quality settings. If your video file exceeds size limitations, it will not be published. You can use HandBrake or Wise Video Converter, or any other conversion software you are comfortable with.

Mac users can download for free HandBrake.

To Pass Our Review Process

  • Your video must be in 720p HD minimum. Shot with good lighting, proper framing, and a steady camera. 
  • Your video must contain good audio. You can learn more about Audio by clicking here.
  • Video-lessons must run between 10 and 30 minutes.
  • Video files must NOT exceed 5 to 10 MB per recorded minute


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