Introduction to Algebra 1

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Skills Review

1 Introduction to Algebra 1 02:46

Welcome to Algebra 1! A short description of this course and its goals

2 Lesson 1: Integer Operations 21:28

What makes algebra different and adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing positive and negative numbers

3 Lesson 1 Practice Review 12:27

The answers and explanations to the practice problems from Lesson 1

4 Lesson 2 Order of Operations 16:03

Make sure we do problems in the proper order to get the right answer. PEMDAS! This lesson quickly reviews Order of Operations

5 Lesson 2 Practice Answers 08:18

Answers and explanations for Order of Operations practice problems

6 Lesson 3 Combining Like Terms 14:55

Lesson on Combining Like Terms to simplify expressions

7 Lesson 3 Practice Answers 08:48

Answers and explanations to combining like terms practice problems

8 Lesson 4 Distribution 13:23

Distribute! Make sure you multiply everything inside the parentheses. Lesson on distributing to simplify expressions

9 Lesson 4 Practice Answers 10:56

Answers to the practice problems about distribution

Solving Equations

10 Lesson 5 One Step Equations 12:16

Step by Step instructions on how to solve basic equations

11 Lesson 5 Practice Answers 09:32

Answers to one step equations

12 Lesson 6 Two Step Equations 11:03

Lesson on solving the most common type of equations: two step

13 Lesson 6 Practice Answers 05:22

Answers on two step equations practice

14 Lesson 7 Equations with Distribution and Comblning Like Terms 11:54

Adding some steps to our solving equations knowledge. Combining all lessons learned so far to solve complex equations

15 Lesson 7 Practice Answers 09:29

Answers to the practice problems for Lesson 7

16 Lesson 8 Equations with Variables on Both Sides 12:00

So many variables, so many sides. Learn how to easily solve problems that look more complicated than they are. Lesson on Equations with Variables on Both Sides

17 Lesson 8 Practice Answers 06:24

Answers to practice problems for equations with variables on both sides

18 Lesson 9 Writing Equations from Word Problems 17:45

Taking equations and applying them to real life situations. Learn how to analyze a situation and write an equation from it.

19 Lesson 9 Answers 09:02

Answers to Writing Equations with Word Problems


20 Lesson 10 Introduction to Inequalities 16:47

Less than, greater than. Instead of equations, now we're learning inequalities. Quick intro explaining inequalities and how to graph them

21 Lesson 10 Answers 04:47

Answers to the Introduction to Inequalities practice problems

22 Lesson 11 Matching Inequalities to Word Problems 12:22

Greater than! Less than! Who talks like that in real life? No one! Learn the more practical applications of inequalities in this lesson.

23 Lesson 11 Practice Answers 07:14

Answers to the practice problems of inequality word problems

24 Lesson 12 Solving Inequalities 11:52

Inequalities: They're just like equations. Except for one difference. Learn how to solve them in this lesson.

25 Lesson 12 Practice Answers 08:56

Answers to solving inequalities practice problems

26 Lesson 13 Inequalities Word Problems 11:11

Applying the inequalities lesson to real life situations.

27 Lesson 13 Practice Answers 05:32

Answers to the inequalities word problems practice

28 Lesson 14 Compound Inequalities 12:35

Compound inequalities are just like compound sentences. Two inequalities connected with AND or OR. Learn how to graph them in this lesson.

29 Lesson 14 Practice Answers 06:46

Answers to the graphing compound inequalities practice problems

30 Lesson 15 Solving Compound Inequalities 12:27

Solving compound inequalities is just like solving regular inequalities. Except now there are two of them. Learn the steps and some shortcuts.

31 Lesson 15 Practice Answers 08:34

Answers to the solving compound inequalities problems

Graphing Linear Equations

32 Lesson 16 Graphing Coordinate Pairs 15:40

Quick review of how to graph coordinate pairs. Review vocab such as origin, quadrant, x-axis and y-axis. Also apply the coordinate plane to a real life situation.

33 Lesson 16 Practice Answers 04:20

Answers and explanations to the graphing points practice

34 Lesson 17 Solutions to Linear Equations 14:23

Linear equations are a fancy term for straight lines. This lesson delves into finding solutions algebraically and on a graph.

35 Lesson 17 Answers 05:37

Answers to the finding solutions to linear equations practice problems

36 Lesson 18 Finding X and Y Intercepts 13:49

Intercepts are the points on the graph that cross the x and y axes. The y-intercept becomes important for the rest of algebra. X-intercepts are important in higher level math.

37 Lesson 18 Answers 07:11

Answers to the practice problems on finding x and y intercepts

38 Lesson 19 Slope on a Graph 14:50

Slope represents the rate of change over time of a graph and the most important concept of this course. Learn how to find it by counting on a graph.

39 Lesson 19 Answers 08:07

Answers to finding slope on a graph practice problems

40 Lesson 20 Slope Formula 10:02

Learn how to find the slope of a line without a graph.

41 Lesson 20 Answers 04:29

Answers to the slope formula practice problems

42 Lesson 21 Slope Intercept Form 11:08

Learn the basic form of a linear equation. This allows us to tell the slope of a line and its y-intercept just by looking at it.

43 Lesson 21 Answers 05:59

Answers to slope intercept form practice problems

44 Lesson 22 Graphing Linear Equations Notes 13:52

Learn how to graph a line when given slope-intercept form

45 Lesson 22 Graphing Linear Equations Answers 06:50

Answers to the practice graphing linear equations problems

46 Lesson 23 Matching Equations to a Graph 10:59

Lesson on standardized test prep for multiple choice problems. Students are often asked to match equations to graphs. Strategies are discussed in this lesson.

47 Lesson 23 Answers 06:40

Answers to multiple choice questions on matching equations to a graph

48 Lesson 24 Graphing Vertical and Horizontal Lines 11:48

Learn about the other two types of slope. A quick overview on how to graph vertical and horizontal lines

49 Lesson 24 Answers 03:57

Answers to the practice problems on graphing vertical and horizontal lines

50 Lesson 25 Linear Equations Word Problems 10:58

Apply your linear equations knowledge to real life situations.

51 Lesson 25 Answers 08:55

Answers to the practice linear equations word problems

52 Lesson 26 Converting Standard Form to Slope Intercept Form 11:32

We know how to graph in slope-intercept form but we aren't always given equations like that. Learn how to convert an equation to make it easier to graph.

53 Lesson 26 Answers 06:40

Answers to the practice problems on converting to slope-intercept form

54 Lesson 27 Graphing Standard Form Equations 10:11

Learn how to convert a standard form equation into slope intercept form and then graph it to find useful information.

55 Lesson 27 Practice Answers 05:56

Answers to graphing standard form equations practice

Graphing Linear Inequalities

56 Lesson 28 Graphing Linear Inequalities 19:23

You know how to graph a line, now learn how to graph an inequality. It's all about shading with solid or dotted lines.

57 Lesson 28 Answers 08:20

Answers to the practice problems on graphing linear inequalities

58 Lesson 29 Graphing Vertical and Horizontal Inequalities 11:42

Combining two lessons we've learned before, learn how to graph vertical and horizontal inequalities.

59 Lesson 29 Answers 05:32

Answers to the practice problems with graphing vertical and horizontal inequalities

60 Lesson 30 Converting Standard Form Inequalities to Slope Intercept 12:15

A lesson that combines our algebra skills with our graphing inequalities skills. Learn how to convert standard form to slope intercept form. It's just like equations with one small twist.

61 Lesson 30 Answers 07:57

Answers to problems on converting standard form inequalities to slope intercept form

The “Introduction to Algebra 1” course strives to take the stress out of algebra and provide a deep understanding of its concepts. The lessons are broken down into simple, repeatable steps. Algebra introduces the rules of math that are applicable to more complex courses. This course also emphasizes the real-world applications of algebra by having multiple lessons on word problems. This course introduces students to the concepts of algebra and prepares them to move on to more advanced algebra and geometry.

This course contains:

-          5 Units

-          30 Video Lessons

-          30 Guided Notes Sheets

-          30 Practice Problem Worksheets

-          30 Answer Review Videos (I explain how to solve each problem step-by-step)

-          Over 300 Practice Problems

-          30 Quizzes at the end of each lesson

-          30 Guided Notes Answer Keys

-          30 Practice Problem Answer Keys

-          More than 10 hours of Video Lessons

Course Goals:  Upon course completion, students will be able to solve all types of one-variable equations, solve inequalities, graph linear equations and graph linear inequalities.

Target Audience: This course is primarily intended for 8th or 9th grade students who are new to algebra or need a quick refresher

Course Requirements: Students taking this course will need to have completed basic middle school math courses with a strong grasp of number skills. The first few lessons of this course review pre-algebra skills.

**It is recommended that each Notes sheet is printed before each lesson to follow along. **

Course Topics

                Unit 1: Skills Review

-          Integer Operations

-          Order Of Operations

-          Combining Like Terms

-          Multiplication with Distribution

Unit 2: Solving Equations

-          Solving One-Step Equations

-          Solving Two-Step Equations

-          Solving Equations with Distribution and Combining Like Terms

-          Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides

-          Writing Equations from Word Problems

Unit 3: Solving Inequalities

-          Introduction to Inequalities

-          Matching Inequalities to Word Problems

-          Solving Inequalities

-          Word Problems with Inequalities

-          Compound Inequalities

-          Solving Compound Inequalities

Unit 4: Linear Equations and Slope

-          Graphing Coordinate Pairs

-          Finding Solutions to Linear Equations

-          Finding X and Y intercepts

-          Finding Slope on a Graph

-          Slope Formula

-          Slope-Intercept Form

-          Graphing Linear Equations

-          Matching Linear Equations to Graphs

-          Graphing Vertical and Horizontal Lines

-          Word Problems with Linear Equations

-          Converting Standard Form to Slope Intercept Form

-          Graphing Equations in Standard Form

Unit 5: Linear Inequalities

-          Graphing Linear Inequalities

-          Graphing Vertical and Horizontal Inequalities

-          Converting Standard Form Inequalities to Slope-Intercept Form

  • Teacher: Michael
  • Areas of expertise: Algebra 1
  • Education: Penn State University
  • Interests: Math, Teaching, Sports, Reading
  • Skills: Math, Writing, Crossword Puzzles, Trivia
  • Associations: Secondary Math Certification in Louisiana
  • Issues I care about: I care deeply about making sure all students have access to a quality education.

I understand that algebra can be intimidating and work to make it less so. My goal as a teacher is to break lessons down to simple, repeatable steps. Applying math skills to real-life uses is also something I actively try to do in my teaching.

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Lesson 1 Notes and Practice Problems with problems solved and answers filled in

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Lesson 2 Notes and Practice Problems with problems solved and answers filled in

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Lesson 30 Answer Keys

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