Algebra for 11th grade

Teacher: Cheryl
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1. Linear Equations and Inequalitites

0 1. Course Introduction 01:45

1 2. Absolute Value Lecture 10:49

2 3. Absolute Value Practice Problems 06:48

3 4. Linear Equations Lecture 13:32

4 5. Linear Equataions Practice Problems 14:38

5 6. More on Linear Equations Lecture 15:11

6 7. More on Linear Equations Practice Problems 28:59

7 8. Real World Applications of Linear Equations Lecture 20:00

8 9. Real World Applications of Linear Equations Practice Problems 09:47

9 10. Linear Inequalities Lecture 16:20

10 11. Linear Inequalities Practice Problems 29:40

11 12. Section 1 Exam 00:00

This exam covers the material in the first section. The answers to the exam are found under the Resources tab.

2. Polynomial and Rational Functions

1 13. Operations on Polynomials Lecture 17:59

2 14. Operations on Polynomials Practice Problems 20:11

3 15. Factoring Polynomials Lecture 13:55

The answers to the practice problems for this lecture are found on the Resources tab. There is an additional worksheet with answers. Please do not skip these practice problems. Being able to factor polynomials is important in subsequent Algebra courses.

4 16. More on Factoring Polynomials Lecture 08:32

5 17. More on Factoring Polynomials Practice Problems 21:48

6 18. Real and Complex Numbers Lecture 15:26

7 19. Real and Complex Numbers Practice Problems 18:08

8 20. Operations on Rational Expressions Lecture 10:56

9 21. Operations on Rational Expressions Practice Problems 26:14

10 22. Solving Rational Equations Lecture 12:28

11 23. Solving Rational Equations Practice Problems 12:10

12 24. Section 2 Exam 00:00

This exam covers the material in the second section. The answers to the exam are found under the Resources tab.

3. Quadratic Functions

1 25. Imaginary Numbers Lecture 10:30

2 26. Imaginary Numbers Practice Problems 11:52

3 27. Solving Quadratic Equations Lecture 11:43

4 28. Solving Quadratic Equations Practice Problems 27:08

5 29. Graphing Quadratic Functions Lecture 13:57

6 30. Graphing Quadratic Functions Practice Problems 20:59

7 31. More on Quadratic Functions Lecture 17:21

8 32. More on Quadratic Functions Practice Problems 27:42

9 33. Section 3 Exam 00:00

This exam covers the material in the third section. The answers to the exam are found under the Resources tab.

4. Transformations of Functions

1 34. Functions Lecture 14:13

2 35. Functions Practice Problems 20:35

3 36. Parent Functions Lecture 10:54

4 37. Parent Functions Practice Problems 17:46

5 38. Transformations of Functions Lecture 13:08

6 39. Transformations of Functions Practice Problems 24:51

7 40. Inverse Functions Lecture 09:41

8 41. Inverse Functions Practice Problems 29:24

9 42. Section 4 Exam 00:00

This exam covers the material in the fourth section. The answers to the exam are found under the Resources tab.

5. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

1 43. Laws of Exponents Lecture 13:27

2 44. Laws of Exponents Practice Problems 21:31

3 45. Solving Exponential Equations without Logarithms Lecture 10:14

4 46. Solving Exponential Equations without Logarithms Practice Problems 12:16

5 47. Graphing Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Lecture 18:04

6 48. Graphing Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Practice Problems 16:34

7 49. Laws of Logarithms Lecture 14:07

8 50. Laws of Logarithms Practice Problems 12:42

9 51. Translating between Exponential and Logarithmic Equations Lecture 07:48

10 53. Solving Logarithmic Equations Lecture 11:51

10 52. Translating between Exponential & Logarithmic Equations Practice Problems 10:05

11 54. Solving Logarithmic Equations Practice Problems 24:36

12 55. Section 5 Exam 00:00

This exam covers the material in the fifth section. The answers to the exam are found under the Resources tab

Course Description

Algebra for 11th grade is an in-depth follow-up to an Introduction to Algebra course and a precursor to a Precalculus course. The course focuses on the mastery of critical skills and exposure to new skills necessary for success in subsequent math courses. The course examines various functions such as linear, quadratic, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and others. Included in the course are several units on real-world applications of these functions.

Course Goals

Upon completion of this course, students will be prepared to move on to Precalculus and take college-entry standardized tests. Students will be able to apply their mathematical knowledge of functions to a variety of situations.

Course Requirements

Student taking this course are expected to have mastered the most important topics taught in an Introduction to Algebra (Prealgebra) course. Important topics to master are:

Operations of Signed Numbers

Operations of Fractions

Graphing Ordered Pairs in a Coordinate Plane 

Course Includes

  • 13 Hours of Video
  • 25 Video-lessons
  • 25 Practice Worksheets
  • 25 Practice Worksheet Review Videos (I review each answer step by step)
  • Over 300 Practice Exercises
  • 5 Unit Tests
  • 1 End-of-Course Exam
  • Answer "keys" to all practice worksheets, quizzes and tests (Additional Resources for Parents)
  • Additional practice exercises and discussion topics (Additional Resources for Parents)

Target Audience

This video course is primarily intended for students who have already mastered Prealgebra concepts (typically 14+) and are planning on taking Precalculus and taking college-entry exams. 


The majority of the lessons are taught so that technology is not needed. However, there are a few units where the use of a standard scientific calculator that is capable of performing logarithms is required.

Course Topics 

  • Absolute Value
  • Linear Equations
  • Real-World Applications of Linear Equations
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Operations on Polynomials
  • Factoring Polynomials
  • Real and Complex Numbers
  • Operations on Rational Expressions
  • Solving Rational Equations
  • Imaginary Numbers
  • Functions
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Solving Quadratic Functions
  • Graphing Quadratic Functions
  • Parent Functions
  • Transformations of Functions
  • Inverse Functions
  • Exponents
  • Laws of Exponents
  • Solving Exponential Equations
  • Graphing Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  • Laws of Logarithms
  • Translating between Exponential and Logarithmic Equations
  • Solving Logarithmic Equations
  • Teacher: Cheryl
  • Areas of expertise: Secondary Mathematics
  • Education: PhD, Mathematics Education ESD, Curriculum and Instruction MA, Secondary Education BA, Mathematics
  • Interests: Games, puzzles
  • Skills: Certified Math Teacher
  • Associations: National Council of Mathematics Teachers
  • Issues I care about: Education

Teaching math has been my life’s work for the past 27 years. I did not always know that I would become a math teacher. In fact, when I got my degree in mathematics I thought I wanted to do cryptography. To me, solving mathematical problems was like putting together a puzzle or playing a strategic game, both of which I enjoyed immensely. Math to me, was fun! It was not until a few years after I graduated with a degree in Mathematics that someone suggested I pursue a career in Education. When the opportunity arose for me to go back to school, I gave teaching a try. The rest is history. About ten years ago I was participating in a Summer Fellowship for teachers and I was asked to consider leaving the classroom to work for that organization year-round. I laughed at the prospect replying, “If I worked here, I would be standing at the copy machine trying to explain Pythagorean Theorem to anyone that would listen to me.” Teaching math is in my blood and I can’t imagine NOT teaching math.

Section 1: Answer Key to Section 1 Exam

Section 2: Answers #25-29 Operations on Polynomials Practice Problems

This video is a continuation of the video found in Section 2, Lesson 1: Operations on Polynomials Practice Problems.

Section 2:Factoring Polynomials Practice Problems

In this video I go through the answers to the Factoring Polynomials Practice Problems found in Section 2.

Section 2: Additional Factoring Polynomials Worksheet

This is a worksheet to practice factoring polynomials with the answers. Being able to factor polynomials well is an important skill in Algebra. Although it is rather lengthy, please do not skip this activity. There is no substitution for practice!

Section 2: Answer Key to Section 2 Exam

Section 3: Answers to #18-20 from More on Graphing Quadratic Functions Practice Problems

This video goes through the answers to #18-20 from the lesson on More on Graphing Quadratic Functions.

Answer Key to Section 3 Exam

Answer Key to Section 4 Exam

Graphing Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

The problems on this worksheet should be done on graph paper.

Answer Key to Section 5 Exam

End-of-Course Exam

This is a cumulative exam covering the material in this course. I have provided a blank answer key that the student can fill out while they take the exam. The student will need graph paper to take this exam.
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