Making Sense of Math 7

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Teacher: Brandon
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Course Introduction

0 Course Introduction 08:27

Unit 1 - Operations with Rational Numbers

1 Adding Integers 14:40

2 Adding Integers Worksheet Review 08:23

3 Subtracting Integers 08:02

4 Subtracting Integers Worksheet Review 06:46

5 Absolute Value 06:36

6 Absolute Value Worksheet Review 03:38

7 Commutative and Associative Property of Addition 09:29

8 Commutative and Associate Property Worksheet Review 02:58

9 Multiplying Integers 11:07

10 Multiplying Integers Worksheet Review 04:35

11 Dividing Integers 06:59

12 Dividing Integers Worksheet Review 06:04

13 Adding/Subtracting Rational Numbers 19:54

14 Adding/Subtracting Rational Numbers Worksheet Review 16:33

15 Multiplying Rational Numbers 08:50

16 Multiplying Rational Numbers Worksheet Review 08:50

17 Dividing Rational Numbers 07:58

18 Dividing Rational Numbers Worksheet Review 09:23

Unit 2 - Rates, Ratios, and Proportional Relationships

19 Ratios 08:09

20 Ratios Worksheet Review 10:26

21 Building Proportions 13:12

22 Building Proportions Worksheet Review 04:04

23 Solving Proportions 10:52

24 Solving Proportions Worksheet Review 08:02

25 Real World Context of Proportions 05:30

26 Real World Context of Proportions Worksheet Review 10:37

27 Unit Rates 07:18

28 Unit Rates Worksheet Review 09:07

29 Rate Conversions 13:57

30 Rate Conversions Worksheet Review 11:42

Unit 3 - Percent Applications

31 Percents 15:02

32 Percents Worksheet Review 06:32

33 Percents & Proportions 15:58

34 Percents and Proportions Worksheet Review 09:49

35 Percent of Change 13:22

36 Percent of Change Worksheet Review 09:59

37 Percent Applications I 18:17

Applications involving Tax, Tips, Mark-ups, Discounts

38 Percent Applications I Worksheet Review 12:54

39 Percent Applications II 16:55

Applications involving Commission and Simple Interest

40 Percent Applications II Worksheet Review 10:08

Unit 4 - Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities

41 Verbal, Numeric, and Algebraic Expressions 16:38

42 Verbal, Numeric, and Algebraic Expressions Worksheet Review 08:43

43 Simplifying Expressions 13:14

44 Simplifying Expressions Worksheet Review 06:57

45 Solving Equations I 18:00

Equations solved with one or two steps

46 Solving Equations I Worksheet Review 06:46

47 The Distributive Property 10:12

48 The Distributive Property Worksheet Review 05:09

49 Solving Equations II 11:12

Equations solved with multiple steps and equations with the variable on both sides

50 Solving Equations II Worksheet Review 10:23

51 Inequalities 18:17

52 Inequalities Worksheet Review 11:08

Unit 5 - Geometry

53 Angles 16:40

54 Angles Worksheet Review 10:10

55 Triangles and Parallelograms 16:52

56 Triangles and Parallelograms Worksheet Review 10:16

57 Circles 07:39

58 Circles Worksheet Review 09:48

59 Circumference and Area of a Circle 10:07

60 Circumference and Area of a Circle Worksheet Review 09:13

61 Volume and Surface Area 10:01

62 Volume and Surface Area Worksheet Review 10:03

Unit 6 - Probability and Statistics

63 Sample Spaces 08:16

64 Sample Spaces Worksheet Review 08:46

65 Simple Events 13:11

66 Simple Events Worksheet Review 11:49

67 Prediction 09:07

68 Prediction Worksheet Review 10:36

69 Compound Events 07:07

70 Compound Events Worksheet Review 10:28

71 Measures of Central Tendency 10:07

72 Measures of Central Tendency Worksheet Review 12:30

Final Exam

73 Final Exam 00:00

Course Description:

This course is designed to prepare students for an Algebra level or 8th grade level math course.  In this course you will learn topics that include mathematical operations with rational numbers and negative numbers, proportional relationships, percents and applications of percents, algebraic expression and equations, basic geometrical relationships, probability and statistics.  This course leans heavily on being able to solve applications with proportions and inverse operations.  You will gain a level of understanding required to succeed at whichever level of mathematics class you move to next.  Each video lesson is accompanied by a worksheet to supplement learning. They are also accompanied by a review video that covers the worksheet problems and also acts as a great way to reinforce the learning from the lesson.

Course Includes:

12+ Hours of Instructional Video

36 Video Lessons

36 Worksheets

36 Worksheet Review Videos

36 Embedded Digital Quizzes

36 Worksheet Answer Keys

1 Final Exam

1 Final Exam Answer Key


Target Audience:

This course is designed for students who have passed Math 6 and are looking to move on.  It also is a good refresher course for those students looking to begin an Algebra course or those looking to begin Math 8 after not studying math for a while.


Course Requirements:

Students need to have a basic understanding of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals and mathematical operations on those numbers.  Knowledge of the order of operations and the basic use of exponents is also necessary. Knowledge of basic geometrical figures and basic algebraic expressions is also useful and will aid in the success of this course.


Course Topics:

Unit 1 - Operations with Rational Numbers

  • Adding Integers
  • Subtracting Integers
  • Absolute Value
  • Commutative and Associative Properties
  • Multiplying Integers
  • Dividing Integers
  • Adding/Subtracting Rational Numbers
  • Multiplying Rational Numbers
  • Dividing Rational Number


Unit 2 - Ratios, Rates, and Proportional Relationships

  • Ratios
  • Building Proportions
  • Solving Proportions
  • Real World Context of Proportions
  • Unit Rates
  • Rate Conversions


Unit 3 - Percent Applications

  • Percents
  • Percents & Proportions
  • Percent of Change
  • Percent Applications I (discounts, markups, tips, sales tax)
  • Percent Applications II (commission and simple interest)


Unit 4 - Expressions, Equations, Inequalities

  • Verbal, Numeric, and Algebraic Expressions
  • Simplifying Expressions
  • Solving Equations I
  • The Distributive Property
  • Solving Equations II
  • Inequalities


Unit 5 - Geometry

  • Angles
  • Triangles and Parallelograms
  • Circles
  • Circumference and Area of Circles
  • Volume and Surface Area


Unit 6 - Probability and Statistics

  • Sample Spaces
  • Simple Events
  • Prediction
  • Compound Events
  • Measures of Central Tendency


  • Teacher: Brandon
  • Areas of expertise: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Personal Finance, Sociology
  • Education: BS in Mathematics Education, Utah State University; BS in Sociology, Utah State University; MA in Mathematics Education, Western Governors University
  • Interests: Mathematics, Music, Health and Fitness, Cooking, Soccer, Track and Field, Baseball, Basketball, Football
  • Skills: Secondary Mathematics Teaching Endorsement, Sociology Teaching Endorsement, Soccer Coach, Track & Field Coach
  • Associations: Idaho Education Association, National Education Association
  • Issues I care about: Equality in Education, Helping students develop confidence to succeed in math

I have been teaching mathematics for 13 years and I really have enjoyed each year. I have taught many different courses over the years including Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Personal Finance. One of my goals as a mathematics teacher, regardless of the age or level, is to have a student leave my class feeling like they can be successful in math. I believe every student can find success at some level and everyone's idea of success is defined different. My goal is to help students find where they are comfortable and what their definition of success is. Whether its passing a calculus class or learning how to add negative numbers, you can have success. My hope is that every student of mine leaves my class with the confidence that no matter what level they are at, they can succeed. "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

Test Preparation Document

Test Preparation Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Unit 1 Answer Keys

Unit 2 Answer Keys

Unit 3 Answer Keys

Unit 4 Answer Keys

Unit 5 Answer Keys

Unit 6 Answer Keys

Final Exam Answer Key

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