Yoga and Mindfulness

Teacher: Florence
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Section 1: Sun Salutation

1 Course Introduction 02:22

2 Lesson 1: The Story of Yoga and Easy Sun Salutation 08:00

3 Lesson 2: The Story of Yoga and Intermediate Sun Salutation 08:08

4 Lesson 3: The Story of Yoga and Advanced Sun Salutation 10:09

Section 2: The Standing Poses

5 Lesson 4: Loving Kindness, Mountain and Tree Pose 08:34

6 Lesson 5: Loving Kindness and Lateral Standing Poses 12:16

7 Lesson 6: Loving Kindness, The Warriors and 1/2 Moon Pose 10:52

8 Lesson 7: Loving Kindness and Twisting Standing Poses 11:20

9 Lesson 8: Loving Kindness and Gate Pose 13:54

10 Lesson 9: Loving Kindness and Calming Standing Poses 08:29

11 Lesson 10: Loving Kindness, Dog and Child Pose Variations 08:31

Section 3: The Sitting and Cross-Legged Poses

12 Lesson 11: Truthfulness, Staff, Bound Angle and Variations 11:56

13 Lesson 12: Truthfulness, wide legged, cross legged poses and Variations 14:02

14 Lesson 13: Truthfulness, Hero Pose and Variations 10:59

15 Lesson 14: Truthfulness, Cow Face, Eagle Pose Arms and legs Variations 07:29

16 Lesson 15: Truthfulness, Putting It All Together. Seated Poses Sequence 04:40

Section 4: The Forward Bending Poses

17 Lesson 16: Generosity, Seated Forward Fold, Head to Knee Poses and Variations 10:25

18 Lesson 17: Generosity, 1/2 Hero, 3 Legged Forward Fold and Variations 10:05

19 Lesson 18: Generosity, Forward Fold with One Leg Bent and Variations 09:21

20 Lesson 19: Generosity, Wide Legged Forward Fold and Variations 04:49

21 Lesson 20: Generosity, Putting It All Together. Forward Bending Poses Sequence 10:16

Section 5: The Inverted Poses

22 Lesson 21: Moderation, Handstand and Alternatives 07:26

23 Lesson 22: Moderation, Headstand, Variations and Alternatives 11:17

24 Lesson 23: Moderation, Peacock Pose, Alternatives and Variations 07:16

25 Lesson 24: Moderation, Shoulder Stand, Variations and Alternatives 13:52

Section 6: The Abdominal Poses

26 Lesson 25: Letting Go, Boat Pose and Variations 10:32

27 Lesson 26: Letting Go, Hand to Toes Pose and Variations 08:10

28 Lesson 27: Letting Go, Plank , Push Up and Upward Facing Dog 05:59

29 Lesson 28: Letting Go, Putting It All together, Abdominal Sequence 05:33

Section 7: The Twisting Poses

30 Lesson 29: Cleanliness, Simple Cross Legged Poses with Twists, and Variations 10:08

31 Lesson 30: Cleanliness, Open Twists and Variations 12:57

32 Lesson 31: Cleanliness, Closed Twists and Variations 09:53

33 Lesson 32: Cleanliness, Half Lord of the Fish and Variations 09:04

34 Lesson 33: Cleanliness, Putting it all Together, Twisting Sequence 11:37

Section 8: The Back Bending Poses

35 Lesson 34: Happiness, Upward Facing Dog, Cobra and Variations 15:00

36 Lesson 35: Happiness, Locust, Bow Pose and Variations 10:21

37 Lesson 36: Happiness, Camel Pose and Variations 13:02

38 Lesson 37: Happiness, Wheel Pose 10:13

39 Lesson 38: Guided Relaxation, Yoga Nidra 13:32

Section 9: The Arm Balancing Poses

40 Lesson 39: Motivation, Crow Pose and Side Crow 08:27

41 Lesson 40: Motivation, Firefly Pose and Variations 12:23

42 Lesson 41: Motivation, One Leg over the Shoulder Pose and Variation 10:38

43 Lesson 42: Guided Relaxation, Yoga Nidra 15:10

Section 10: The Restorative Poses

44 Lesson 43: Know Yourself, Child's Pose and Variations 13:03

45 Lesson 44: Know Yourself, Restorative Standing Forward Bending Poses 10:20

46 Lesson 45: Know Yourself, Restorative Hero Pose and Variations 10:00

47 Lesson 46: Know Yourself, Restorative Bound Angle Pose with Arm Variations 11:12

48 Lesson 48: Know Yourself, Supported and Restorative Bridge pose and Variations 10:42

49 Lesson 47: Know Yourself, Supported Seated Forward Bending Poses 11:14

50 Lesson 49: Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Legs up the Wall and Corpse Pose 13:05

Section 11: Daily Routines

51 Lesson 50: Sequence 1 23:07

52 Lesson 51: Sequence 2 24:39

53 Lesson 52: Sequence 3 13:59

54 Lesson 53: Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra 08:45

55 Lesson 54: Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra 09:03

56 Lesson 55: Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra 11:34

Lesson 55: Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra.

Course Overview

This course is unique because it has an organized and time tested yoga curriculum which will allow students to master the technique of each pose. In addition, the curriculum offers a detailed introduction to yoga philosophy beyond the physical postures.

Course Goals

Upon Completion of this course, students will be prepared to take a full length yoga class, know the technique of each pose and be safe while practicing. They will have a solid mindfulness foundation to support them emotionally and mentally in their daily interactions with themselves, their closed ones as well as their community at large. In addition, they will be able to practice guided relaxation to help them lower their anxiety level, improve their memory as well as help them relax physically, emotionally and mentally.

Course Includes:

  • 55 Video-lessons
  • 10 Hours of instruction (approximately)
  • 10 Mindfulness practices
  • 6 Guided relaxations called Yoga Nidra

Course Topics

-The Story of Yoga and Sun Salutation.

-The Standing poses and Loving Kindness Practice.

-The Sitting and Cross-Legged Poses and Truthfulness Practice.

-The Forward Bending Poses and Generosity Practice.

-The Inverted Poses and Moderation Practice.

-The Abdominal Poses and Letting Go Practice.

-The Twisting Poses and Cleanliness.

-The Back Bending Poses and Happiness Practice.

-The Arm Balancing Poses and Motivation Practice.

-The Restorative Poses and Know Yourself Practice.

-Daily Yoga Routines.

-Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra.

  • Teacher: Florence
  • Areas of expertise: Yoga
  • Education: RCYT E-RYT 500 Iyengar YT
  • Interests: Sustainable Medicine Nutritional Medicine Environmental Medicine Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Skills: Dancing Pilate French Native Speaker
  • Associations: Eckhart Tolle Thich Nhat Hanh Judith Lasater Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States
  • Issues I care about: Creating a sustainable world for the next generations.

I'm Florence, affectionately called Flo! I began to focus on the studies of yoga in 2005. I first became a certified children’s yoga teacher, then an experienced 500-hour yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance, and finally furthered my education with the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar. I chose to teach Iyengar Yoga because it is a form of yoga which is deep because it's a science, art, and philosophy and emphasizes complete alignment of the body, mind and breath --a form of yoga which helps us connect with our inner selves and expand the life force within. I love to teach people of all ages from 3 to 99 years old! I developed a comprehensive yoga and mindfulness program which helps children improve attention and emotional balance. I love teaching children K-12 and am amazed to see the positive impact it has on their lives. In addition to my yoga training, I completed the Introduction to Meditation Program at The Shambhala Center of NYC, and hold a teaching certification from The School of Positive Transformation. I am very grateful to have the chance to teach children, youth and adults remotely.

Section 2, Answers to Quiz Standing Poses

Section 2, Answers to Quiz Standing Poses

Answers to Tests

Answers to Tests

Section 1 Answers to Quiz on Sun Salutation.

Sequence 1, Answers to Quiz on Sun Salutation 

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