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This curriculum is designed to represent a full year of drawing and painting at the high school level. Our research-based curriculum meets and exceeds the expectations for learning in the U.S. National Common Core Learning Standards for Visual Arts at the grade 9 through 12 levels. +
$299.00 $158.01
Completion Certificate +
A Pre-Algebra course emphasizing four key areas: Presentation of foundational concepts of Algebra; Exercises emphasizing repeated practice of skills students have learned; detailed video explanations of assignment solutions; and Quiz/Test assignments that focus on Applied Problem Solving. +
$199.00 $105.01
Get ready for challenging and fun workouts, learning about physical education and social-emotional topics, developing your literacy skills, learning new vocabulary, creating your own workout plans, and having access to fun fitness resources to do with family and friends! [290 lessons] +
$350.00 $94.00
Clone request fee. +
Spanish is a language which encompasses many cultures. This is an introduction to an intermediate course that will provide the tools and necessary skills to speak and use the Spanish language. +
Get a complete homeschool study program (up to 5 courses) for only $249. Applicable to all courses and subject areas including math, science, language, reading, history, geography. Limited Time Offer for new students only. +
An essential course for preteens and young teens, this engaging series offers relevant, useful, and lifelong strategies that motivate students to achieve their personal bests in academics, emotional wellbeing, stress management, physical health, relationships, and character development. +
$299.00 $158.01

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