Beginning Violin

Teacher: David
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0 Introduction 02:34

Course description
Course outcomes

Getting Started

1 Lesson 1: Getting setup with a violin 27:18

Introduction to course
Acquiring a good violin
Proper setup of violin
Taking care of the instrument
Unpacking and packing the violin

2 Lesson 1 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 1 Review Quiz

3 Lesson 2: The basics 18:38

Holding instrument, Plucking strings (pizzicato), Ants song

4 Lesson 2 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 2 Review Quiz

5 Lesson 3: Monkey Song 28:13

Open strings, left-hand finger placement, Monkey Song

6 Lesson 3 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 3 Review Quiz

7 Lesson 4: Set-up and posture 19:22

Good posture Review Set-up Polishing neck Review Monkey song and Ants song

8 Lesson 4 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 4 Review Quiz

9 Lesson 5: Playing on different strings 18:34

Crossing from D to A string, Repetition practice, notes on D and A string

10 Lesson 5 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 5 Review Quiz

11 Lesson 6: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 17:44

Finger numbers, D scale, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (ABC song)

12 Lesson 6 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 6 Review Quiz

13 Lesson 7: Reading notes on the staff 19:51

Review D scale, writing out notes, quarter notes, finger numbers

14 Lesson 7 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 7 Review Quiz

15 Lesson 8: Key and Time Signatures 17:47

Key Signatures, Time Signatures Reading examples, Review Twinkle

16 Lesson 8 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 8 Review Quiz

Sound Production

17 Lesson 9: Intro to the bow 20:20

Bow parts Holding the bow Bow exercises Avoiding bad habits

18 Lesson 9 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 9 Review Quiz

19 Lesson 10: Bowing on the string 20:23

Rocket song, Bow exercises, Bowing on the string, Straight bows

20 Lesson 10 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 10 Review Quiz

21 Lesson 11: More Bow practice 20:24

Putting tape on the bow, Bowing on the string, Changing strings, Bowing rhythms, Playing songs with the bow

22 Lesson 11 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 11 Review Quiz

23 Lesson 12: Bow consistency 21:34

D scale with bow, Twinkle with bow, Using rosin, Rhythm repetition, Changing strings exercise

24 Lesson 12 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 12 Review Quiz

Tone Quality

25 Lesson 13: Tuning the instrument 23:04

Tuners available, Using the fine tuners, Using the pegs

26 Lesson 13 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 13 Review Quiz

27 Lesson 14: More note reading 19:01

Twinkle with the bow, 8th note rhythms/bowing, Note reading

28 Lesson 14 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 14 Review Quiz

29 Lesson 15: Rhythm reading 21:06

Rhythm reading, Note reading, Exercises, Bow speed

30 Lesson 15 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 15 Review Quiz

31 Lesson 16: Cripple Creek (part 1) 21:28

Reading rests, Rhythm repetition, Note repetition, Cripple Creek part 1

32 Lesson 16 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 16 Review Quiz

33 Lesson 17: Cripple Creek (part 2) 18:43

D scale with Pepperoni Pizza and Jack Rabbit rhythms, Finish Cripple Creek

34 Lesson 17 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 17 Review Quiz

35 Lesson 18: Can-Can (part 1) 20:15

D scale with Pizza and Ice Cream rhythm, Repeats, 1st and 2nd Endings, Can-Can

36 Lesson 18 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 18 Review Quiz

37 Lesson 19: Can-Can (part 2) 16:37

Finish Can-Can

38 Lesson 19 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 19 Review Quiz

39 Lesson 20: Lightly Row 18:55

Using the 4th finger, Lightly Row

40 Lesson 20 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 20 Review Quiz

41 Lesson 21: French Folk Song 21:21

2/4 Time Signature 3/4 Time Signature French Folk Song

42 Lesson 21 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 21 Review Quiz

43 Lesson 22: Review Lesson 17:40

D scale with rhythms, Twinkle, Cripple Creek, Can-Can, Lightly Row, French Folk Song

44 Lesson 22 Mid-Course Test 00:00

Lesson 22 Mid-Course Test

Fluency in Reading and Executing Musical Techniques

45 Lesson 23: G string notes 18:10

G string notes, G scale, rhythms

46 Lesson 23 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 23 Review Quiz

47 Lesson 24: Go Tell Aunt Rhody 20:58

G Arpeggio, Go Tell Aunt Rhody

48 Lesson 24 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 24 Review Quiz

49 Lesson 25: Bow articulations 19:44

Ties, Staccato, Tenuto, Slurs, Hooked Bows

50 Lesson 25 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 25 Review Quiz

51 Lesson 26: Minuet No. 1 17:47

Minuet No. 1

52 Lesson 26 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 26 Review Quiz

53 Lesson 27: Sweet Betsy From Pike 18:46

Pick-up notes, Sweet Betsy From Pike

54 Lesson 27 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 27 Review Quiz

Solidifying Violin Proficiency and Dexterity

55 Lesson 28: Finger Rock 19:59

Accidentals, F and C natural, Finger Rock

56 Lesson 28 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 28 Review Quiz

57 Lesson 29: Ode To Joy 21:48

C Scale, Accidentals exercise, Ode to Joy on the A string

58 Lesson 29 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 29 Review Quiz

59 Lesson 30: The Minstrel Boy 18:32

Learning the Minstrel Boy

60 Lesson 30 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 30 Review Quiz

61 Lesson 31: Old Joe Clark 21:33

Dynamics, Old Joe Clark

62 Lesson 31 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 31 Review Quiz

63 Lesson 32: Surprise Symphony 21:35

Breaking down Surprise Symphony

64 Lesson 32 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 32 Review Quiz

65 Lesson 33: Hunter's Chorus 12:02

Singing Hunter's Chorus with lyrics, troubleshooting hard spots, Playing Hunter's Chorus

66 Lesson 33 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 33 Review Quiz

67 Lesson 34: Minuet 15:08

Troubleshooting hard spots, good practice techniques, sight-reading tips, Learning Minuet

68 Lesson 34 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 34 Review Quiz

69 Lesson 35: E string notes 24:36

E string notes, A major scale, Key Signatures

70 Lesson 35 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 35 Review Quiz

71 Lesson 36: Going Home 16:08

Dotted Quarter Notes, Subdividing, Learning Going Home, Legato

72 Lesson 36 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 36 Review Quiz

Putting It All Together

73 Lesson 37: Orange Blossom Special (part 1) 19:26

Listening to style, left-hand pizzicato, single note slides, last measure

74 Lesson 37 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 37 Review Quiz

75 Lesson 38: OBS (part 2) 17:06

Review last measure, double stops/slides, Jack Rabbit rhythms, 16th notes

76 Lesson 38 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 38 Review Quiz

77 Lesson 39: OBS (part 3) 20:06

Practice techniques, hard spots, working up the tempo, maintaining consistent tempo, play through

78 Lesson 39 Quiz 00:00

Lesson 39 Review Quiz

79 Lesson 40: Final Play-through 28:51

Course wrap-up, encouragement to keep going, final play through of all songs learned in course

80 Lesson 40 Final 00:00

Lesson 40 Final

Course Overview

Have you ever wanted to play the violin?  With this course you can!  This course is the equivalent to the first two years of school violin lessons.  The course will start with the basics and will guide the student through learning the techniques and theory necessary to achieve an intermediate level of musicianship on the violin.   Students will learn these techniques through the context of different classical and fiddle songs.


This course includes:







Course Goals

Upon course completion, you will be able to play the violin at an intermediate level, plucking the instrument as well as using the bow to perform full songs with proper posture and good tone.  You will be able to tune and properly care for the violin.  Finally, you will know how to apply music theory principles to read notes and rhythms on the musical staff. 


Target Audience

This video-course is primarily intended for students, age 8-12, who have little to no previous musical experience.  Although this is the target audience, advanced younger students as well as beginning older students will benefit from taking this course as well.


Course Requirements

Students will need a properly fitting/working violin and bow, rosin, and music stand to successfully complete this course.  Directions for these will be given in the first lesson.



Unit 1. Getting Started


Getting the right instrument

Proper setup of the violin

Getting to know the violin

Taking care of the instrument

Practicing good posture

Pizzicato across all four strings

Learning notes names and the D major scale

Left-hand patterns and shapes

Learning songs to apply notes

Reading key signatures and time signatures


Unit 2. Sound production


Taking care of the bow

Learning the proper bow hold

Bow exercises to increase flexibility and coordination

Getting good tone production with the bow

Songs using the bow

Using rhythms to increase right-hand agility


Unit 3. Tone quality


Tuning the instrument

Keeping a steady pulse and reading rhythms

Bow speed and placement

Rhythm repetition

Note and rhythm reading through learning songs

Using the fourth finger

Using the 2/4 and ¾ time signatures


Unit 4. Fluency in reading and executing musical techniques


Playing articulations with the bow

Musical terms and description

Knowing and playing notes on the G string

Playing the arpeggio

Feeling pick-up notes and the large beats

Application of skills through learning songs


Unit 5.  Solidifying violin proficiency and dexterity


Reading accidentals in music

Achieving effective dynamics

Song structure

Crossing strings with slurs

Demystifying the dotted quarter note

Extended key signatures

Knowing and playing notes on the E string

Application of skills through learning songs


Unit 6. Putting it all together


Good practice techniques

Skills to learn other music

Left-hand pizzicato

Double stops

Seeing basic rhythms in harder music

Application of skills through learning Orange Blossom Special

  • Teacher: David
  • Areas of expertise: Music Education, Violin
  • Education: MMEd, VanderCook College of Music 2018; BMEd Wheaton College 2012
  • Interests: family, woodworking, sports
  • Skills: writing fiddle music, woodworking, spikeball, ultimate frisbee
  • Associations: State Licensed Teacher, American String Teachers Association (ASTA) member, Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA) member
  • Issues I care about: Helping students enjoy and gain confidence through music

A note to parents/guardians

Important info for parents/guardians

Practice Record Sheet

Practice Record Sheet

Quiz Questions Explanations

For parents: A brief explanation of all the answers to the quiz questions given after each lesson.

Tuner/Metronome apps

A list of different top rated tuner/metronome apps that can be purchased for your student at an affordable price.
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