Mindfulness for Kids 2nd-4th Grade

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Teacher: J.Robin
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Unit 1: Intro and Lessons 1 - 7

1 Introduction and Overview 01:42

This first video introduces instructor, Robin Albertson-Wren, who offers an overview of the course and its 35 lessons. 

2 Session 1: What is Mindfulness? 07:34

The instructor explains and describes what mindfulness is and how we can experience moments of mindfulness in our daily lives. She encourages all students to treat each lesson as an experiment and to notice what unique experience each of us will bring to the course. This first lesson includes a mindful listening practice which encourages active participation from the student.

3 Session 2: What Does it Mean to be Present? 08:06

This session begins with a settling technique and then the participants will enjoy Rana Diorio's book, What Does It Mean To Be Present?, read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

4 Session 3a: Anchor Breathing 09:22

This video offers a lesson in "anchor breathing," a terrific stress-reduction technique.

5 Session 3b: Breathe 03:47

Participants will enjoy Scott Magoon's book, Breathe, read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

6 Session 4: Exploring Emotions 08:46

After a couple minutes of settling technique, this lesson encourages the students to explore a variety of emotions without becoming attached to each one.

7 Session 5: In My Heart 10:22

Participants will enjoy Jo Witek's book, In My Heart, read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

8 Session 6: Labeling Thoughts 10:56

In this lesson, students practice labeling their thoughts as they come into consciousness. Thoughts are identified as those in the past, the future, or the present.

9 Session 7: Puppy Mind 09:49

Participants will enjoy Andrew Jordan Nance's book, Puppy Mind, read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

Unit 2: Lesson 8 - 14

10 Session 8: Mindfulness of Sight 09:07

After a settling technique, students practice noticing things in their visual field, expanding awareness and associating value to things we can see.

11 Session 9: "Take 5" 11:48

In developing skills towards awareness, students will practice noticing their environment with their senses of sight, sound and touch. Then participants will enjoy Lauren Alderfer''s book, Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda, read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

12 Session 10: Mindful Listening in Conversation 09:20

After settling, students will practice mindful listening in conversation with the challenge of sharing this technique with others at home.

13 Session 11: Moody Cow Meditates 09:49

After settling, students will enjoy Kerry Lee MacLean's book, Moody Cow Meditates, read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

14 Session 12: Mind Jar 10:32

Inspired by the book, Moody Cow Meditates, students will learn how to create their own "Mind Jars" at home. The instructor will create one in this video and students can experience what it looks like to design a project that helps to settle the swirl of thoughts and emotions that enter our minds.

15 Session 13: Mindful Movement 10:01

After a settling bell, students will be introduced to mindful movement. Participants will enjoy controlled seated movement as well as active gross motor movement.

16 Session 14: Mental Body Scan Relaxation #1 12:52

This lesson teaches a relaxation technique to help people fall asleep at night. Sitting up, or laying horizontally, the students are lead in a stress-reduction practice to help "get out of our heads" and relax our muscles.

Unit 3: Lessons 15 - 21

17 Session 15: Mindful Eating #1 13:12

After settling, students will practice mindful eating. Using their own piece of food, or watching the instructor, participants will use their senses of sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste to intentionally and carefully explore the food. In closing, students will reflect on "the story" of their items, where they originated. In acknowledging all the people, time, energy, weather and patience that went into the snack, students gain a sense of gratitude as well.

18 Session 16: The Lemonade Hurricane 10:27

After settling, students will enjoy Licia Morelli's book, The Lemonade Hurricane, read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

19 Session 17: Dealing with Good News/Bad News 09:54

Have you ever had an experience you were dreading and it turned out to be great? In Good News/Bad News we explore what it would be like to notice what is happening without labeling it good or bad, seeing each unique experience just as it is.

20 Session 18: Still Heron and Still Chillin' Game 09:28

Students are introduced to a delightful puppet named, Still Heron. Inspired by real herons who gracefully hold their pose, still and quiet, for minutes at a time, students are challenged to participate in the game, "Still Chillin" in which they move actively and then hold their pose for as long a possible.

21 Session 19: Counting Breaths 13:26

After settling, students will practice tracking their own breathing, first at a normal rate and then slowly and deeply for two minutes. Participants will be challenged to break their own record, continuing to breath safely, but deepening their inhales and exhales even more. The instructor will introduce the "breathing sphere" for a fun additional practice.

22 Session 20: Recognizing and Identifying Emotions 10:11

After settling with the bell, students will practice recognizing and identifying a variety of emotions. Discussion will focus on how our bodies hold emotions and how they affect the ways we feel in our minds.

23 Session 21: Ahn's Anger 10:30

After settling, students will enjoy Gail Silver's book, Ahn's Anger, read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

Unit 4: Lessons 22 - 28

24 Session 22: Building Concentration 10:22

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep at night? Said something you wish you could take back? Prepared and then froze when it was time to "show what you know"? Mindfulness can help with all these issues in our lives. This lesson practices several ways to handle stress, build concentration, and increase awareness.

25 Session 23: "Heartfulness" #1 10:12

In this exercise, students will bring to mind somebody with whom they have a "low maintenance" relationship. We will practice sending these special individuals kind wishes from the heart. We will repeat the exercise, sending loving kindness to ourselves, and consider what it would be like to do so at the start of every day.

26 Session 24: Each Kindness 10:26

After settling briefly, participants will enjoy Jacqueline Woodson's book, Each Kindness, read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

27 Session 25: Kid Yoga 10:44

Students will enjoy active yoga poses in this lesson. Practice includes work with "turtle pose," "mountain," and "tree pose." Students will then play "Still Chillin'" and incorporate their new favorite moves into the game.

28 Session 26: Mental Body Scan #2 12:19

This lesson offers a variation on the previously taught relaxation technique that helps people fall asleep at night. Sitting up, or laying horizontally, the students are lead in a stress-reduction practice to help "get out of our heads" and relax our muscles. A variation involving tightening and releasing muscles is included in this version.

29 Session 27: Mindful Eating #2 10:32

In this second session of mindful eating, students will practice with a different piece of food, using all their senses, as well as a sense of gratitude, for the nourishment and pleasure the food provides.

30 Session 28: "Heartfulness" #2 10:28

In this exercise, students will bring to mind somebody they care about but who may seem challenging to deal with. We will practice sending these special individuals kind wishes from the heart.

Unit 5: Lessons 29-35

31 Session 29: Moody Cow Learns Compassion 10:39

After settling, students will enjoy Kerry Lee MacLean's book, Moody Cow Learns Compassion (a companion book to Moody Cow Meditates), read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

32 Session 30: Assumptions - Sound Game 11:45

In this lesson, students will explore assumptions, how we assume things about people or objects or situations base on our past experience and "stories in our own heads." Participants will play a game with the "Sound Bag," in which they listen to a certain sound from an object hidden from view. They make guesses as to what each object really is based on what they think it sounds like.

33 Session 31: Steps and Stones 10:16

After settling, students will enjoy Gail Silver's book, Steps and Stones (a sequel to Ahn's Anger), read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

34 Session 32: Gratitude and Resiliency 11:10

Students will explore the connection between resiliency and gratitude. We will create gratitude lists in words or drawings, and consider how recognizing a variety of wonderful things in our lives can offer us a positive perspective in which our negative experience won't overpower the rest.

35 Session 33: More Mindful Movement 11:13

In this lesson, students will review several yoga moves and learn several new poses, including side-bend, warrior 1 and warrior 2.

36 Session 34: Mental Body Scan #3 11:18

In this final body scan practice, students will practice a deep relaxation technique and incorporate a focus on gratitude for themselves on this earth, at whatever level of health or fitness they may be in at this point in their lives - Gratitude for the skills they have developed, and will take out into the world with them - Gratitude for right here. Right now.

37 Session 35: The Three Questions 11:48

As a culminating activity, students will practice settling, drawing on their skills developed over the course of this class.. Then students will enjoy The Three Questions, written by Jon J. Muth, read aloud by Robin Albertson-Wren.

Mindfulness for Kids - 2nd-4th Grade

Course Overview

Mindfulness for Kids 2nd-4th Grade offers students 35 video lessons in which they can actively participate in mindfulness practices. Lessons include settling techniques, movement, contemplation, project creation, literature, relaxation and hands-on activities. The tools that students build from these practices will help in developing self-awareness, emotion regulation, attention building, compassion, resiliency and the ability to manage stress and anxiety. These tools for life are demonstrated by a certified mindfulness instructor who has been an educator for more than 20 years. Her lesson are taught in a fun, engaging manner. Enjoy!


This course includes:


* 35 ENGAGING VIDEO-LESSONS (each approx. 10 minutes in length)







Every session includes:

* Settling techniques for the body and mind

* Hands-on, participatory activities

* Reflection on how these mindfulness techniques can help us in daily life

* Questions for the students to consider


Course goals:

Upon course completion, students will have been introduced to more than 25 mindfulness techniques that they can have as "tools for life." These tools will offer students a variety of ways to handle stress, anxiety and daily emotions. These lessons will help build awareness, compassion and resiliency, alowing students to reach their potential academically, socially and emotionally.


Course topics include:

1) Introduction of instructor and overview of program

2) Definition of mindfulness

3) Mindful Listening practice

4) "Anchor Breathing"

5) Exploring Emotions

6) Labeling Thoughts

7) Mindfulness of Sight

8) Building Awareness of Environment

9) Developing Self-Awareness

10) Mindfulness in Conversation

11) "Mind Jar" Creation

12) Mindful Movement 

13) Relaxation techniques

14) Developing Compassion

15) Mindful Eating

16) Dealing with Good News/ Bad News

17) Stress-Reduction Activities

18) Movement Games and Challenges

19) Counting Breathes

20) Body Awareness

21) Recognizing emotions - Handling Anger

22) Developing Concentration

23) “Heartfulness” Practice - Loving-Kindness Meditation

24) Kid Yoga

25) Children's Literature

26) Resiliency work

27) Recommended resources

28) Gratitude 

29) Journal reflection

30) Questions to deepen and continue mindfulness practice in the future


  • Teacher: J.Robin
  • Areas of expertise: Mindfulness Instruction
  • Education: Masters in the Art of Teaching MAT K-6
  • Interests: Mindfulness, photography, hiking, running, reading, gardening, international travel
  • Skills: patience, humor, organization
  • Associations: Mindful Schools National Association of Independent Schools
  • Issues I care about: Stress-reduction, self-care, open communication, education, environment

I have been teaching elementary age children for over 20 years. I am a classroom teacher, workshop leader, author, and public speaker. My passion is teaching mindfulness techniques to executives, educators, parents, adolescents and children. I have presented "Mindfulness in Schools - Educating and Empowering Our Children" to many local, statewide and national audiences. I have received my mindfulness training through Mindful Schools, having completed a year-long certification course with 100 other people across the globe.

Mindfulness For Kids Book

Mindfulness for Kids: http://bit.ly/MindfulnessForKidsBook

This delightful self-help book for kids includes 15 short stories and 30 accompanying mindfulness activities to help kids deal constructively with a wide range of emotions. Enjoy this book in stores and online by October 26th, 2018. Co-Authored by the instructor of this online learning course, Mindfulness for Kids 2nd-4th grade, this book engages children and their care-givers in hands-on activities for managing stress, building resiliency and developing attention and awareness. Illustrated and designed for kids, this book entertains and challenges the readers to take charge of their feelings and experience empowerment by developing positive tools for life.

Recommended Readings

Some of my favorite children's literature focuses on mindful awareness.

Enjoy the list of attached recommended readings, many of which I share throughout this course:

Zen Shorts (a collection of stories) Jon J. Muth
The Three Questions Jon J. Muth
Peaceful Piggy Meditation Kerry Lee MacLean
Moody Cow Meditates Kerry Lee MacLean
Moody Cow Learns Compassion Kerry Lee MacLean
Each Kindness Jacqueline Woodson
Puppy Mind Andrew Jordan Nance
Ahn's Anger Gail Silver
Steps and Stones Gail Silver
A Handful of Quiet Moments - Happiness in Four Pebbles Thich Nhat Hanh
Lemonade Hurricane Licia Morelli
Good News Bad News Jeff Mack
In My Heart - A Book of Feelings Jo Witek
Breathe Scott Magoon
What Does It Mean To Be Present? Rana DiOrio


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