Nebraska Homeschool Laws

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How do I homeschool in Nebraska?

Nebraska Homeschooling Laws

Nebraska Homeschool Laws
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Homeschooling in Nebraska

To start homeschooling in Nebraska, the first step is filing the initial paperwork with the education department of Nebraska. Homeschools are governed by Rule 13 which provides the guidelines and procedures to be adhered to by parents. Homeschooling is classified as an “exempt education.”It is also classified as a private school that chooses not to satisfy the credentials and approval criteria for religious or non- religious purposes. Enrolling students requires filing the forms provided here. The forms and documents which must be filed annually are:

  1. Parent or Guardian Form
  2. Parent Representative Form
  3. Information Summary

Parents must also:

  1. Teach the required subjects.
  2. Comply with vaccination requirements.

Parents should first establish a private school at home before enrolling the students. The most important requirement is to provide all essential skills to the students.

This page contains information on the requirements to homeschool in Nebraska including:

· Homeschool Laws in Nebraska

· Letter of Intention to Homeschool

· Recordkeeping for Homeschoolers in Nebraska

· Requirements for Graduation

· Switching from Homeschool to Public School

*This information is by no means intended as legal advice; its purpose is merely informational. It is each parent’s responsibility to get informed and understand the applicable homeschooling laws which regulate homeschooling in his or her state.

Requirements and Laws on Homeschooling in Nebraska

Parents are allowed by the law to homeschool as long as they follow the following steps:

1. Ensure that all children between 6-18 years attend school in accordance with the Nebraska Department of Education.

2. Fill the forms required and have them submitted to the office of exempt schools before 15th of July every academic year. The forms include:

· Form A: Declarations and statement of performance

· Form B: Form for approved parental representative

· Summary of the instruction used in the homeschool program

· Provide the children’s birth certificates that are certified

3. Include the following subjects in the curriculum: math, language arts, science, health and social studies. The parent must ensure that the students grasp the basic concepts.

4. Maintain attendance records of the students and create transcripts for every class and every grade.

5. Ensure the minimum requirement regarding the amount of time the instruction should be provided is met; 1032 hours for elementary students and 1080 hours for high school students.

6. Maintain immunization records of the child unless the child is exempted for religious reasons.


Notice of Intent to Homeschool in Nebraska and Evaluation Records

The above mentioned forms serve as basis to communicate your intention to homeschool. Rule 13 provides that before starting a homeschool, parents should file for exempt status before 15th of July every academic year with the office of Exempt School program under the Nebraska department of education. Most parents submit the forms online which is the common way but paper documents are also allowed. Regardless of the method you choose, the procedure to be followed is outlined below:

1. Form A, the declarations and statement of performance form shall be signed by both parents. This form requires one to pledge that state authorization and certification criteria for the homeschool either “meddles with the decisions guiding the student’s education” or “infringes my deeply held religious convictions.” The form should be submitted as soon as possible after you start homeschooling and before 15th July every year after that. In the first year of homeschooling, the parent should submit a copy of the birth certificate that is certified or another valid evidence of the child’s age and identity. The certified copy shall be submitted together with an affidavit stating why you were unable to obtain a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

2. Fill form B which is the form for approved parental representative and have it signed by the approved parent. This form should be submitted upon starting the homeschool program and every year after that by 15th July. The form must include the following:

· A school year calendar showing the required instructional hours is provided which are 1,032 hours for elementary school and 1,080 for high school. Homeschools are allowed give a statement of the period the term lasted in place of the calendar.

· Every grade level’s scope and pattern of instruction.

· All homeschool monitors with their names, academic qualifications and the ages.

3. Ensure the required subjects are taught in the homeschool. While filling Form A, parents are required to declare that they shall include the following subjects in the homeschool program: math, language arts, health, science and social studies. Parents must also indicate that they believe the instructor(s) are competent to supervise instruction in the subjects. Other than the parent’s satisfaction, Nebraska law does not provide for other qualifications for giving the instruction.

4. Follow the vaccination guidelines.

Despite indicating a non-religious reason to homeschool, the parent must also indicate that they conform to the rule that every school must observe the vaccination guidelines unless one is exempted from administering the vaccinations.

Recordkeeping for Homeschoolers in Nebraska

The following records must be maintained for students below 16 years:

· The student’s work samples.

· Assessment records which could be standardized tests or tests for specific subjects.

· A diary, schedule book or other document that shows the subjects covered and learning tasks accomplished. This can be done by maintaining a regular record of instructional hours.

Parents can keep other written materials or credible proof that is similar to the 3 forms mentioned above. At least two full years’ records must be well maintained for students in elementary school unless the homeschool is new. For secondary school students, the records must be maintained for the 4 years.

Lernsys Homeschooling makes it easy to keep a summary of the curriculum used including grades, topics covered, quiz and test scores, teacher credentials, etc.

Requirements for Graduation in Nebraska

Homeschool parents in Nebraska are free to set the graduation requirements for their student. Parents also determine if and when their student will graduate and are also able to award a high school diploma under their own terms. Parents are advised to consult with colleges the student may be interested in to know the requirements the child must meet so as to align the homeschool goals and curriculum with those requirements.

The chart below shows the comparison between graduation requirements in public school and homeschool in Nebraska.

 Public/Private SchoolHomeschool

Diploma requirements in Nebraska

Students must meet the minimum requirement of 200 hours of credit. 145 hours for the core subjects which are: English/Language arts, social studies, science and math. Complete a course in physical education, health, foreign language, approved electives and fine arts.

Parents in Nebraska have the liberty to determine when their student will graduate. They then proceed to award the high school diploma under their own terms.

Testing requirements in Nebraska Students in their 3rd year must take the following tests every spring: the ACT, Math, English, Science, Reading and Writing.

There is no law in Nebraska that compels or forces homeschoolers to undertake a test as a requirement in order to graduate high school. Students may choose to undertake the EOC evaluations with the approval of the school district.

Nebraska high school transcripts

Individual schools create transcripts for their students which are available upon request. Each school has different procedures and policies.

Parents in Nebraska can create the homeschoolers’ transcripts which may include information they considered relevant to institutions the homeschoolers may intend to apply to. This may include schools, colleges, workplace organizations, or the military.

High school course credits in Nebraska

Students must meet the minimum requirement of 200 hours of credit. 145 hours for the core subjects which are: 40 English/Language arts credits, 30 social studies credits, 30 science credits and 30 math credits. Additional courses in physical education, health, foreign language, approved electives and fine arts.

Many parents in Nebraska choose to specify or assign academic credits to the courses taken during the homeschooling period as this may aid during the transcript creation process.

Eligibility for GED in Nebraska

Students who are 16 or 17 are eligible to take the GED. The printable form is available at Nebraska Adult Education and GED site.

Homeschoolers in Nebraska are eligible if they meet the same criteria as public school students.


Homeschool High School Transcript Template

Track your homeschooler’s credits, courses, and accomplishments with this free homeschool high school transcript template.

Download the transcript template


Switching from Homeschooling to Public School in Nebraska

Each school has different procedures and regulations to be observed while enrolling new students. It is the parent’s responsibility to consult with the school he/she chooses for the student to get the specific procedure on enrollment. Some schools may allow the parent to decide what grade the student should be placed while others may request homeschooling academic records for review. Other schools may require the student to take a placement test.

Lernsys Homeschooling makes it easy to keep a summary of the curriculum used including grades, topics covered, quiz and test scores, teacher credentials, etc.


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