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This honors-level course develops students understanding of high school biology in 44 exciting science lessons, with detailed coverage of topics including biomolecules, cell biology, genetics, evolution, and ecology. +
$399.00 $99.01
This math course teaches fourth and fifth grade curriculum through problem solving and real life applications. Students learn new skills by applying learned concepts to new skills. All units contain many real life applications. This is a full year's worth of math. +
$340.00 $84.01
This course covers cell biology and molecular biology units. You will learn about the cell structure, organelles and their functions. You will learn easily about carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids structures and functions. +
$377.00 $94.01
It's exciting to watch colorful fireworks, but how much copper goes into that shower of turquoise, or strontium into ribbons of red? Chemistry is a quantitative science. It involves mathematics. This course will focus on the skills you need to understand the mathematical aspects of chemistry. +
$349.99 $87.01
Intended as an introduction to Physics, in this course you will join me as we visit key concepts in this exciting branch of science! +
$349.00 $87.01
In this comprehensive Reading and Writing course, students will read, listen, comprehend, and discuss literature in many settings through written responses. They will question the text, summarize ideas, and analyze the author’s craft. The teacher will model close reading and writing lessons. +
$349.00 $87.01
This course contains more than one year worth of new lesson every week. This course contains nine units of complete lessons loaded with practice in reading, writing, phonics, study skills and ESL. This course has 148 videos with direct instructions and guided practices. +
$349.00 $87.01
In this course, students will become proficient in all aspects of a high-school Algebra 1 curriculum. This is a full year's worth of Algebra and covers every Algebra topic students need to master. +
$349.00 $87.01

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