New courses

A hands on comprehensive science course. This engaging course shows how interesting and fun science can be by including many hands on experiences using mainly materials that can be found in your own home! This is a greath course for students who like to do their own investigating! +
This engaging course focuses on foundational skills to help your child develop into an independent reader. Your child will learn strategies to become critical thinkers and confident readers. Your child will be actively learning with incorporation of movements and songs to comprehend content. +
This course focuses on musical creativity, which is the cornerstone of the United States Core Music Standards. Students will be exploring music from around the world by singing, playing recorder and creating their own music through improvisation and with the multi-platform program, Soundtrap. +
The course will start with the basics and will guide the student through learning the techniques and theory necessary to achieve an intermediate level of musicianship on the violin. Students will learn these techniques through the context of different classical and fiddle songs. +
This course reviews all material associated with the 2017 IB Environmental Systems and Societies course. It is focused on learning the skills and content necessary to succeed on IB exams. It is ideal for students interested in learning about environmental science. +
This is a fun and engaging complete year's worth of 3rd grade science covering a wide arrange of topics including plants, interdependency of life systems, soil, farming, structures, and forces. +
This course follow the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Science, which were adopted by the Florida State Board of Education. Students will practice scientific inquiry, as they question, investigate, and explain the world around them. +
Let's learn Physical Science! This course is appropriate for 8th and 9th grade students looking to master the fundamentals of both Chemistry and Physics. +

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