New courses

This course reviews all material associated with the 2017 IB Environmental Systems and Societies course. It is focused on learning the skills and content necessary to succeed on IB exams. It is ideal for students interested in learning about environmental science. +
This complete prealgebra course is appropriate for students entering grades 7 or 8 as well as for students who have just completed a prealgebra course but need a tool to help keep those skills fresh before they enter Algebra 1. +
This course covers absolutely all the information that is needed at the 3rd-grade level, and beyond, to identify the different types of nouns and the specific rules that apply to each, and to be able to use them accurately in spoken and written communication. +
This comprehensive module includes all subjects for second grade students. An easy to follow, step by step guide to learning new concepts and practicing at your own pace! +
First grade math is FUN! This course is composed of over 30 lessons and it combines curriculum from both Common Core and traditional math concepts. Each lesson is dynamic, engaging, and includes an accompanying practice sheet for application. Let's learn together! +
This is the first course in the high school integrated math curriculum with seven main components: 1. Sets 2. Operations and Propositions 3. Linear Equations and Inequalities 4. Absolute Value 5. Graphs of Equations and Inequalities 6. Polynomials and Rational Expressions 7. Triangles +
This course focuses on algebraic concepts that begin in the Algebra 1 curriculum and continue in Algebra 2 and, in some cases, beyond. +
This course is an entire year of Earth Science at the Middle School level. This series of lessons can be used in 6th, 7th or 8 grades. +

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