New courses

This is the first course in the high school integrated math curriculum with seven main components: 1. Sets 2. Operations and Propositions 3. Linear Equations and Inequalities 4. Absolute Value 5. Graphs of Equations and Inequalities 6. Polynomials and Rational Expressions 7. Triangles +
We cover the basics of geometry from lines and angles to volume, similarity of shapes, and transformations, with a brief introduction to proofs. Emphasis is on seeing geometry in the real world and word problems. +
This “precalculus for 12th grade” video course goes into the details of the main concepts in trigonometry, as part of the precalculus curriculum. The course aims to help develop the critical skills required to study and master precalculus +
This course is recommended for college-bound students and is a preparation for College Algebra and the mathematics sections of the SAT and ACT. It will cover graphing and solving polynomial functions, rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions. +
This math course activates curiosity through questioning & real-life problems. From algebra,number sense, geometry and data analyses-you learn exponents,Pythagorean Theorem, transformation, functions, bivariate data, area and volume. +
This course is a survey, an introduction, to economics. It introduces key principles within Economics, and then reviews how those principles work together. It concludes with various economic theories on how to put those principles into practice. +
This course covers a wide variety of important topics that span multiple subject areas from Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2 in order to provide a strong foundation for any 10th grade student, regardless of their mathematics background, preparing them for the next steps in their math education. +

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