Life and Study Skills for Preteens

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Unit 1: Study Skills

0 Life and Study Skills for Preteens Introduction 06:39

Watch this brief introduction to learn how the Life and Study Skills for Preteens course works and how it will benefit you in the areas of academics, emotional wellbeing, physical health, relationships, and character development.

1 Learning Styles 11:56

Picture of Learning Styles We all learn in our own unique way, and when we understand our preferred learning style, we can do even better in school! Watch the Lesson 1 video to get a better understanding of how you learn best.

2 Learning Styles - Lesson Review 03:24

Learning Styles - Lesson Review

3 Strategies for Different Learners 09:03

Picture of Strategies for Different Learners Are you a visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic learner? Now that you know your learning style, watch Lesson 2 to learn some study strategies that will work best for you.

4 Strategies for Different Learners - Lesson Review 04:17

Strategies for Different Learners - Lesson Review

5 Time Management Analysis 10:10

Picture of Time Management Analysis Are your assignments turned in on time each week? Do you feel like your priorities are in order? Watch Lesson 3 to learn how to prioritize the more important things in life.

6 Time Management Analysis - Lesson Review 03:00

Time Management Analysis - Lesson Review

7 Time Management Strategies 11:17

Picture of Time Management Strategies Making lists, keeping a calendar, and considering your environment are all important when managing our time. Watch Lesson 4 for more information on how to do so!

8 Time Management Strategies - Lesson Review 02:55

Time Management Strategies - Lesson Review

9 Organization 17:27

Picture of Organization Being organized is more than just cleaning up a messy room. Watch Lesson 5 for tips and strategies for being better organized both in and out of school.

10 Organization - Lesson Review 03:03

Organization - Lesson Review

11 Accomplishing Goals 10:46

Picture of Accomplishing Goals We all have things we'd like to accomplish but what's the best way to go about achieving your goals? Watch Lesson 6 for a detailed plan on accomplishing what you set out to do.

12 Accomplishing Goals - Lesson Review 04:00

Accomplishing Goals - Lesson Review

13 Goals and Vision Boards 10:28

Picture of Goals and Vision Boards It's time to tap into your creative side! Watch Lesson 7 to learn how to create a Vision Board, a great way to be able to visualize and help achieve your goals.

14 Goals and Vision Boards - Lesson Review 03:20

Goals and Vision Boards - Lesson Review

15 Motivation 12:05

Picture of Motivation What's the point of school and learning about things you may never need to apply to a real life situation? Watch Lesson 8 to find out and learn how to become more motivated.

16 Motivation - Lesson Review 03:10

Motivation - Lesson Review

17 Test Taking Skills 09:17

Picture of Test Taking Skills Does taking tests stress you out? Watch Lesson 9 to learn some tips and tricks you can try the next time you're feeling anxious or unprepared.

18 Test Taking Strategies - Lesson Review 01:51

Test Taking Strategies - Lesson Review

Unit 2: Emotional Wellbeing

19 Emotional Awareness 11:16

Picture of Emotional Awareness What do emotions have to do with balloons? Watch Lesson 1 to find out!

20 Emotional Awareness - Lesson Review 03:16

Emotional Awareness - Lesson Review

21 Self Esteem 16:49

Picture of Self Esteem You may not always feel like it, but you are amazing and worthy and a big deal! Watch Lesson 2 to find out how to develop positive self esteem.

22 Self Esteem - Lesson Review 03:57

Self Esteem - Lesson Review

23 Identifying Stressors 10:00

Picture of Identifying Stressors The first step in managing stress is to identify the cause. Learn to identify your personal stressors in Lesson 3.

24 Identifying Stressors - Lesson Review 04:11

Identifying Stressors - Lesson Review

25 Stress Toolkit - Part 1 13:57

Picture of Stress Toolkit - Part 1 We can handle stress better when we are prepared in advance. Watch Lesson 4 to identify some proactive and practical strategies you can use the next time you are feeling stressed.

26 Stress Toolkit - Part 1 - Lesson Review 04:00

Stress Toolkit (Part 1) - Lesson Review

27 Stress Toolkit - Part 2 12:56

Picture of Stress Toolkit - Part 2 When one thing doesn't work, try another! Add even more stress management strategies to your toolkit after watching Lesson 5.

28 Stress Toolkit - Part 2 - Lesson Review 03:14

Stress Toolkit - Part 2 - Lesson Review

29 Stress and the Brain 15:08

Picture of Stress and the Brain No, the amygdala isn't a deep sea creature at the bottom ocean. It's your brain's personal fire alarm. Watch Lesson 6 to find out more.

30 Stress and the Brain - Lesson Review 03:04

Stress and the Brain - Lesson Review

31 Mindfulness 10:24

Picture of Mindfulness Practicing mindfulness can be a healthy way to reduce stress, and it's easier than you think. Watch Lesson 7 to find out how to make mindfulness work for you.

32 Mindfulness - Lesson Review 02:51

Mindfulness - Lesson Review

33 Attention and Focus 14:21

Picture of Attention and Focus Sometimes paying attention is the most challenging thing about school. Learn how to improve your focus in Lesson 8.

34 Attention and Focus - Lesson Review 04:46

Attention and Focus - Lesson Review

35 Managing Change and Loss 11:58

Picture of Managing Change and Loss Change and loss can be difficult but there are strategies we can use to manage our feelings and emotions during challenging times. Watch Lesson 9 to find out more.

36 Managing Change and Loss - Lesson Review 00:00

Managing Change and Loss - Lesson Review

37 Managing Anger 14:33

Picture of Managing Anger Let's face it; we all get mad once in awhile. How we handle our anger is what matters most. Learn how in Lesson 10.

38 Managing Anger - Lesson Review 03:51

Managing Anger - Lesson Review

Unit 3: Physical Fitness

39 Nutrition 11:22

Picture of Nutrition Sweets and junk food are ok - in moderation! Learn more about our nutritional needs and making healthy choices in Lesson 1.

40 Nutrition - Lesson Review 04:38

Nutrition - Lesson Review

41 Sleep 09:22

Picture of Sleep Sometimes there's nothing better than a good night's sleep. Find out ways to improve your sleep habits in Lesson 2.

42 Sleep - Lesson Review 03:21

Sleep - Lesson Review

43 Exercise 11:50

Picture of Exercise Exercise doesn't have to be running or lifting weights (unless you enjoy those things!) Watch Lesson 3 for some ideas and tips on improving your activity level each day.

44 Exercise - Lesson Review 03:49

Exercise - Lesson Review

45 Physical Safety 12:07

Picture of Physical Safety Your physical safety is important. Lesson 4 provides useful reminders for staying safe while exercising on the roads, the fields, and in the water.

46 Physical Safety - Lesson Review 01:32

Physical Safety - Lesson Review

47 Adolescence 10:45

Picture of Adolescence Watch Lesson 5 and take the guess work out of figuring out just what is happening physically and emotionally during adolescence.

48 Adolescence - Lesson Review 02:58

Adolescence - Lesson Review

49 Personal Hygiene 10:26

Picture of Personal Hygiene As we grow and change, so does our need for maintaining personal hygiene! Lesson 6 offers important reminders for staying as clean and fresh as we can be.

50 Personal Hygiene - Lesson Review 03:00

Personal Hygiene - Lesson Review

51 Personal Appearance/Self Image 11:02

Picture of Personal Appearance/Self Image Looks may be the first thing we notice about a person but developing a positive self image in Lesson 7 is what matters most.

52 Personal Appearance/Self Image - Lesson Review 03:00

Personal Appearance/Self Image - Lesson Review

53 Improving Self Image 16:12

Picture of Improving Self Image Watch Lesson 8 to learn how to develop a positive, healthy self image by improving your mindset, not your appearance.

54 Improving Self Image - Lesson Review 04:01

Improving Self Image - Lesson Review

Unit 4: Positive Relationships

55 Relationships 12:27

Picture of Relationships Relationships are important. Watch Lesson 1 to learn how to develop and maintain positive relationships with parents, siblings, friends, and others.

56 Relationships - Lesson Review 02:26

Relationships - Lesson Review

57 Communication 12:00

Picture of Communication In Lesson 2 we will review different methods of communication and why it's important to consider the things you say (and don't say) when communicating with others.

58 Communication - Lesson Review 04:00

Communication - Lesson Review

59 Verbal Communication Skills 13:28

Picture of Verbal Communication Skills We have two important jobs to do when communicating verbally - speaking and listening. Sometimes, it's hard work so watch Lesson 3 to learn how to be the best communicator you can be.

60 Verbal Communication Skills - Lesson Review 04:03

Verbal Communication Skills - Lesson Review

61 Conflict Resolution 12:14

Picture of Conflict Resolution We all have different ideas, views, and opinions (which makes life a lot less boring!) Watch Lesson 4 to learn how to manage conflicts with others when they arise.

62 Conflict Resolution - Lesson Review 04:50

Conflict Resolution - Lesson Review

63 Peer Pressure 11:51

Picture of Peer Pressure Has a friend ever tried to convince you to do something you just didn't want to do? Saying no can be difficult, even when it's the right thing to do. In Lesson 5 we will review some effective ways to handle peer pressure.

64 Peer Pressure - Lesson Review 03:22

Peer Pressure - Lesson Review

65 Bullying/Cyberbullying 13:49

Picture of Bullying/Cyberbullying Bullying is never ok. In Lesson 6 we will learn more about why it's not ok and how to handle bullying if has or is affecting you or someone you care about.

66 Bullying/Cyberbullying - Lesson Review 01:58

Bullying/Cyberbullying - Lesson Review

67 Online Safety/Social Media 10:44

Picture of Online Safety/Social Media Using social media and the internet is an important part of our daily lives, as long as it's done safely! Watch Lesson 7 for information about how to make sure you are staying safe while surfing.

68 Online Safety/Social Media - Lesson Review 01:41

Online Safety/Social Media - Lesson Review

Unit 5: Character Building

69 Perseverance 11:39

Picture of Perseverance Perseverance is an important character trait, and developing it can take practice. Watch Lesson 1 to learn more about how to persevere and be your very best in you academic and personal life.

70 Perseverance - Lesson Review 02:04

Perseverance - Lesson Review

71 Honesty 13:20

Picture of Honesty Lesson 2 will help us realize that, although being truthful is sometimes more difficult in the beginning, it always pays off in the long run.

72 Honesty - Lesson Review 03:34

Honesty - Lesson Review

73 Generosity and Giving 07:34

Picture of Generosity and Giving Often giving a gift to someone else is more rewarding than receiving something. Watch Lesson 3 to learn about the power of giving as well as some things you can give others - for free!

74 Generosity and Giving - Lesson Review 02:07

Generosity and Giving - Lesson Review

75 Positivity 10:00

Picture of Positivity Life is not always easy, but when we focus on optimism, and view ourselves in a more positive light, it can improve our perception of a bad situation. Watch Lesson 4 to find out how!

76 Positivity - Lesson Review 01:50

Positivity - Lesson Review

77 Humor/Closing Remarks 07:11

Picture of Humor/Closing Remarks I hope you enjoy this lesson about humor (including some of my many, many bloopers) and realize it's important to be able to laugh at ourselves once in awhile!

Course Overview

This comprehensive 5-Unit course delivers instruction in a friendly and personable manner where students' unique strengths, abilities, and personalities are celebrated, perfection is not expected, and a variety of strategies that encourage self confidence and fulfillment are introduced.  

The lessons are relevant and appropriate for many age groups (including younger children and adults alike) but are specifically designed to meet the needs of preteens and younger teens in 5th-10th grades, ages 9-15. The content spans across all school subjects and presents real-life examples and stories to help students stay connected and engaged.  Lessons can be viewed and then revisited over time to provide continued guidance, support, and encouragement to your child.


Course Goals

The goals of this course are to help students:

  • recognize and achieve academic goals
  • gain motivation for putting forth their best efforts (and to realize why their studies are important)
  • develop personalized strategies for managing stress, anger, focus, loss, etc.
  • learn and practice healthy physical habits such as maintaining proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and personal safety
  • develop a positive and healthy self image
  • improve self esteem and confidence
  • improve relationships and identify positive ways to handle conflict and peer pressure
  • develop and practice positive character traits to help them be the best they can be



Target Audience

Preteens and young teens, 5th-8th grades, ages 9-14



This course includes:

  • 5 Units specifically designed for preteens and younger teens (Academic Study Skills, Emotional Wellbeing, Physical Health, Positive Relationships, Character Building)
  • 78 instructional and review videos
  • Follow along activity review videos (I review and provide answers for the activities)
  • Over 10 hours of recorded material and instruction
  • One or more printable and editable activities per video (listed below)
  • All related powerpoint guides and materials
  • Quizzes and answer keys for each lesson




Unit 1 - Academic and Study Skills Documents:

  • Learning Styles Questionnaire
  • Learning Styles Assessment
  • Weekly Time Management Log
  • Examining Priorities Activity
  • Time Management Tips
  • Time Management Quotes
  • Study Environment Self Assessment
  • Organization Self Assessment
  • Calendar Examples
  • Goal Setting Guide
  • How to Create a Vision Board
  • Student Resume Activity
  • Student Resume Example
  • Directions Quiz



Unit 2 - Emotional Wellbeing Documents

  • Emotions Fill in the Blank
  • Self Esteem Activities
  • Stressor Checklist
  • Stress Toolkit
  • Stress Toolkit Examples
  • Stress Toolkit 2
  • Stress Toolkit Examples 2
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze Activity
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze Examples
  • Mindfulness Examples
  • Assignment Focus Plan
  • Assignment Focus Plan Examples
  • Managing Change and Loss Activity
  • Anger Management Plan



Unit 3 - Physical Fitness Documents

  • Weekly Nutrition Tracker
  • Sleep Diary
  • Weekly Exercise Tracker
  • Safety Pledge
  • Adolescence Affirmations
  • Daily Hygiene Checklist
  • Body Image Self Assessment
  • Positive Self Image Plan



Unit 4 - Positive Relationships Documents

  • Positive Relationship Assessment
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Speaking and Listening Practice
  • Conflict Management Reminders
  • Peer Pressure/Refusal Skills Practice
  • Am I a Victim of Bullying? Self Assessment
  • Am I a Bully? Self-Assessment
  • Internet Safety Pledge



Unit 5 - Character Building

  • Positive Self Talk Practice
  • Honesty Scenarios
  • Quotes about Generosity
  • Positivity Plan
  • What Makes Me Laugh


*The material provided in this course is not intended to serve as, or replace, medical care or behavioral counseling and therapy services provided by a licensed professional. 


  • Teacher: Sarah
  • Areas of expertise: Helping students achieve their personal, academic, and social emotional bests
  • Education: BS Health and Wellness Promotion, James Madison University; MS Health Care Administration, University of Maryland University College; MS School Counseling and Preventive Mental Health, Creighton University
  • Interests: Spending time with my family, exercising outdoors with my chocolate lab, Cha Cha, listening to music, sleeping in on weekends
  • Skills: Maintaining a positive outlook, motivating and listening to others
  • Associations: State Certified Educator, State Certified School Counselor, American School Counselor Association
  • Issues I care about: Meeting the academic and social emotional needs of students

As the mother of two teens, a veteran teacher, and master's level school counselor, I have experienced the joys of working with my own and hundreds of other preteen and teenage students. I have also experienced the challenges that parents and teachers face during these important years. I have learned that in order to help them succeed academically, we must also help our children achieve a strong sense of emotional, physical, and personal wellbeing. In addition, we must guide them in the development of healthy relationship skills and positive character traits. Many of the necessary skills and strategies need to be taught; however, it is not always easy for parents to discuss these issues with preteens and teens who are developing a greater sense of identity and need for independence. My hope is that the lessons presented in this course will help. Through this course, my goal is to help students achieve their academic and personal goals by developing strategies and skills that will build their confidence and social emotional resilience.

Test Preparation Document

Test Preparation Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document
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