New York Homeschool Laws

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How do I homeschool in New York?

New York Homeschooling Laws

New York Homeschool Laws
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Homeschooling in New York

Every state has a unique way of regulating their homeschool laws. As for New York, homeschooling is allowed and legal. Parents who wish to homeschool in New York, however, must abide by the requirements below:

  1. Submit to a notice of intent (NOI)
  2. Submit an Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP)
  3. Abide by day, hour, and subject requirements
  4. Ensure you file quarterly reports
  5. Test the student annually

This page provides parents with information regarding homeschool regulation in New York which includes:

  • What is required to homeschool in New York
  • Whom you need to notify of the intention to homeschool
  • Recordkeeping for homeschoolers in New York
  • The requirements for graduation in New York
  • Switching from homeschool to public school

*This information is by no means intended as legal advice; its purpose is merely informational. It is each parent’s responsibility to get informed and understand the applicable homeschooling laws which regulate homeschooling in his or her state.

Requirements and Laws on Homeschooling in New York

The law in New York does not provide that parents should have teaching credentials provided that parents will do the following;

  1. Give a notice within 14 days of the intention of beginning homeschooling, and every year after that.
  2. Make available a personalized home instruction plan to the superintendent of the district.
  3. Have the specific subjects that should be taught at specific levels.
  4. Have records of the student well maintained over the course of the homeschooling period.
  5. For grades 1-6, 900 hours per year of school instruction whereas for grades 7-12, 990 hours per year.
  6. Provide informational reports to the District Superintended quarterly.
  7. A final quarterly report with a yearly assessment which has a norm referenced achievement test or evaluation depending on grade level.

The Department of Education in New York has a website that provides parents with the latest information to ensure they stay compliant to the very specific requirements to homeschool their child in New York.

Details on Homeschool Laws in New York


Notice of Intent to Homeschool in New York

The law in New York makes it a requirement for parents to file a notice of their intention to start homeschooling within 14 days of beginning. The notice, which is in the form of a letter, is sent to the district superintendent. New York homeschooling law requires the letter of intent to serve as a notice to the district superintendent of your intention to have your student’s education at home. For the subsequent years of homeschooling, parents are required to resend the letter before the 1st of July of that year.


Evaluations and Tests in New York Homeschool System

The last quarter report should be filed with the annual assessment which should be a signed parent-made report card. Those authorized to sign are the parents or the instructor affirming the student has achieved the homeschooling goals set for that year. The report may be signed by a certified teacher or peer review committee if the district provides so.

Every 4th grade to 8th grade student is required to undertake an annual nationally approved achievement test which is considered the year-end assessment. For those in 9th grade to 12th grade, they have to undertake the test every year. The New York state has approved the following tests to be used as the achievement test:

  • The PASS test
  • Basic skills test
  • California achievement test
  • The Iowa test on basic skills


Recordkeeping for Homeschoolers in New York

The office of the superintendent is required to respond to the parent after receiving the notice of intent to homeschool within 10 business days. The response is a form for the individualized home instruction plan and a copy of the commissioner’s regulations. The parent is then required to fill the form and send it back within 4 weeks or by 15th August of subsequent homeschool years. The IHIP is supposed to have a list of the textbooks used for the syllabus or any other materials intended to be used for the syllabus, include when the local school district should expect the quarterly informational reports and identification details of the course instructor.

Keeping a portfolio is not a requirement for homeschooling but is important to have one. Our page on homeschool portfolio evaluation gives more information on what parents should consider to keep record of.

The quarterly reports parents are required to submit to their superintendent should include the following details:

  • The amount of time in hours of instruction given to the homeschooler in the referenced quarter
  • A summary of the content learned per subject
  • The grade achieved per subject

Parents may consider checking online for IHIP submissions and quarterly reports before creating their own.

Requirements for Graduation in New York

In New York, the law provides that homeschool graduates shall have proof that they actually completed high school. Colleges and universities in New York do not accept homeschool diplomas and thus homeschoolers wishing to join universities in New York are required to show eligibility. The following are ways to prove theireligibility:

  • Having a letter, often referred as the substantial equivalency letter, which shows they obtained a substantial proportionate of a high school education from the local district superintendent.
  • Attaining the “TASC” diploma
  • Attending 24 credit classes at a community college

The courses homeschoolers must undertake to complete their education include:

  • 4 units of English instruction (high school level)
  • 4 units of high school social studies instruction (high school level)
  • 1 unit American history (high school level)
  • ½ unit of economics and ½ of government
  • 3 units of electives (high school level)
  • 1 unit of music or art instruction
  • ½ unit of health education instruction
  • 2 units of science instruction (high school level)
  • 2 units of physical education

An accurate record of the coursework undertaken by the high schooler should be kept as it will be helpful in generating a high school transcript for the student after completion.

The chart below shows the comparison between graduation requirements in public school and homeschool in New York.

 Public/Private SchoolHomeschool

Diploma requirements in New York

To graduate, the student must complete 44 credits to be awarded a diploma in New York.

Parents in New York have the liberty to determine when their student will graduate. They then proceed to award the high school diploma under their own terms.

Testing requirements in New York

Students must achieve a score of 65 or higher on these five exams to earn a Regents diploma.

  • English Language Arts (ELA)
  • Any math exam (Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II/Trigonometry)
  • Any social studies exam (Global History and Geography or U.S. History and Government)
  • Any science exam (Living Environment, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics)
  • Any additional Regents exam, or another option approved by the State

There is no law in New York that compels or forces homeschoolers to undertake a test as a requirement in order to graduate high school. Students may choose to undertake the EOC evaluations with the approval of the school district.

New York high school transcripts

Schools make and maintain the transcripts on file. Information on the credits earned from grade 9 to grade 12 must be included.

Parents in New York can create the homeschoolers’ transcripts which may include information they considered relevant to institutions the homeschoolers may intend to apply to. This may include schools, colleges, workplace organizations, or the military.

High school course credits in New York

Students need 44 credits in these subject areas to earn a Regents diploma.

  • 8 credits in core English
  • 8 credits in social studies, including:
    • 4 credits in Global History
    • 2 credits in U.S. History
    • 1 credit in Participation in Government
    • 1 credit in Economics
  • 6 credits in math, including:
    • At least 2 credits in advanced math (for example, Geometry or Algebra II)
  • 6 credits in science, including:
    • 2 credits in any life science
    • 2 credits in any physical science
    • 2 credits in any life science or physical science
  • 2 credits in Languages Other Than English (LOTE)
  • 4 credits in physical education, every year in specific ways
  • 1 credit in health education
  • 2 credits in arts education, including visual arts, music, dance, and theater
  • 7 credits in electives

Many parents in New York choose to specify or assign academic credits to the courses taken during the homeschooling period as this may aid during the transcript creation process.

Eligibility for GED in New York

To take the New York GED test, you must meet the age eligibility requirements. There are 3 different age eligibility groups: 16 years of age, 17 or 18 years of age, 19 years of age. Click here for additional details.

In order to take the GED exam, homeschoolers must meet the same requirements as non-homeschooled students.


Homeschool High School Transcript Template

Track your homeschooler’s credits, courses, and accomplishments with this free homeschool high school transcript template.

Download the transcript template


Switching from Homeschooling to Public School in New York

Parents are required to register with the public school they choose for their child. They are then expected to have records to the school which will help the school determine which grade the child will be placed. This decision on the placement of student lies on the school principal. Each school is at liberty to determine whether the records provided by the parent are acceptable or the student will have to take an additional test for placement purposes.

Lernsys Homeschooling makes it easy to keep a summary of the curriculum used including grades, topics covered, quiz and test scores, teacher credentials, etc.


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