Homeschooling for Christians

Homeschooling for Christians

An enlightening book entitled Stories for the Homeschool Heart amassed a grouping of short stories surrounding why Christian parents choose to homeschool. Cost and poor quality of local parochial schools, increasingly secularism or the lack of an appropriate catechesis figure among the top reasons. However, a recurrent response surrounded the one-on-one benefits of homeschooling, ensuring for a Christian education that soundly fulfills what Christian parents desire and expect when opting for this faith/academic focus.

Lernsys feels strongly that a faith-based and academic mingling of instructional materials for homeschool children seeking a Christian centered education is precisely why homeschool parents have arrived to this decision. A particularly interesting anecdote in the same book spoke of God calling the families to homeschool, a craving bolstered by the call to create a rich sacramental and familial life via the integration of academics and sound Christian principals.

Lernsys instructors are hand-selected to ensure the creation of Christian, homeschool materials is achieved at the level and standard expected by Christian homeschool parents. Homeschooling is advantageous and integral to the survival of the church. Sound Christian homeschooling creates responsible Christian adults who in turn pass on the same values and principles to Christian homeschool generations to follow.

Christian homeschool students score higher on standardized tests according to "Strengths of Their Own: Home Schoolers Across America,” an industry changing study. Homeschool children also spend more time cultivating their own interests and applying the Christian based Lernsys academic pedagogy to real-life circumstances and events. This helps tremendously in fostering a closer relationship with God as what is imparted in a Christian homeschool “classroom” is utilized in a practical manner. Biblically, God requests of Christian parents to teach and instruct their children in a number of different forms. Answering this call is critical and combining sound academics with Christian based learning resources speaks to this call.  


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