Intro to Graphic Design

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Teacher: Dom
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1 Lesson 1 - Introduction 16:39

Picture of Lesson 1 - Introduction

This lesson is an introduciton to desgin useing Adobe Illustrator. 

2 Lesson 2 - Colors 19:32

In this lesson we explore colors and how to identify then using the color code number.

3 Lesson 3 - Text 20:04

In this lesson we learn the basics for adding text.

4 Lesson 4 - Creative Fonts 20:26

Picture of Lesson 4 - Creative Fonts In this lesson we take text to a new level with creative fonts.

5 Lesson 5 - Arranging 13:58

Picture of Lesson 5 - Arranging In this lesson we learn how to arrange items on an art board.

6 Lesson 6 - Pen Tool 12:02

Picture of Lesson 6 - Pen Tool In this lesson we learn the basics of the Pen Tool.

7 Lesson 7 - Brushes 12:47

Picture of Lesson 7 - Brushes In this lesson we learn about using brushes.

8 Lesson 8 - Opacity 12:23

Picture of Lesson 8 - Opacity In this lesson we learn about using the opacity gauge in Illustrator.

9 Lesson 9 - Design Principles 18:03

Picture of Lesson 9 - Design Principles In this lesson we break open the basic principles of design.

10 Lesson 10 - Emphasis 12:07

Picture of Lesson 10 - Emphasis Learn about the design principle of 'emphasis' in this lesson.

11 Lesson 11 - Patterns 16:10

Picture of Lesson 11 - Patterns In this lesson we learn about the design principle of patterns.

12 Lesson 12 - Proportion 12:05

In this lesson we're going to talk about the design principle of proportion.

13 Lesson 13 - Rhythm 20:25

Picture of Lesson 13 - Rhythm In this lesson we explore the design principle of rhythm.

14 Lesson 14 - Unity 12:27

Picture of Lesson 14 - Unity In this lesson we learn about the design principle 'unity'.

15 Lesson 15 - Direct Selection Tool 10:26

Picture of Lesson 15 - Direct Selection Tool In this lesson we learn how to use the Direct Selection Tool.

16 Lesson 16 - Guides & Grids 10:09

Picture of Lesson 16 - Guides & Grids In this lesson we explore the use of guides and grids.

17 Lesson 17 - Colors II 14:09

Picture of Lesson 17 - Colors II In this lesson we go deeper into colors.

18 Lesson 18 - Logos 11:47

Picture of Lesson 18 - Logos In this lesson we learn about logo design.

19 Lesson 19 - Importing Images 11:28

Picture of Lesson 19 - Importing Images In this lesson we learn how to import images to Illustrator correctly.

20 Lesson 20 -Masks 12:18

Picture of Lesson 20 -Masks In this lesson we explore the use of masks using the direct selection tool.

21 Lesson 21 - Collage 11:28

Picture of Lesson 21 - Collage In this lesson we learn how to create an original collage!

22 Lesson 22 - Exporting 14:58

Picture of Lesson 22 - Exporting In this lesson you learn how to export your artwork for different formats.

23 Lesson 23 - Blending Modes 11:23

Picture of Lesson 23 - Blending Modes In this lesson we learn about using blending modes.

24 Lesson 24 - Branding Guide 12:26

Picture of Lesson 24 - Branding Guide In this lesson you will create your own company and/or business branding guide.

25 Lesson 25 - Behance 13:28

Picture of Lesson 25 - Behance In this lesson we explore how to create a professional portfolio on

Intro to Graphic Design is a course for introducing students to the basic principles of graphic design using the industry standard program, Adobe Illustrator (not included). In this course we learn about the basics of design as it pertains to digitally manipulated images and platforms. By the end of this course you will have created and maintained illustrations focusing on basic skills. This course culminates in creating a professional company branding guide on the free platform, This course includes 25 lessons in graphic design. Each lesson includes a tutorial video that shows my explanations as well as screen video of each skill and technique. Each lesson also includes Adobe Illustrator files you will be able to download and emulate in your practice. 

This course includes:


Course Goals:

Upon course completion, students will be able successfully use Adobe Illustrator to complete basic design functions, identify and utilize design principles, and create their own professional portfolio. In this course we will engage in the following topics:

Target Audience:

This video course is primarily intended for students who are interested in Graphic Design as either a career field or area of study. 


Course Requirements: 

Students taking this course will need access to Adobe Illustrator on either a PC or Mac computer. There is no pre-requisite for this course in regards to curriculum.

Course Topics:

  • Colors
  • Text
  • Creative Fonts
  • Arrangement 
  • The Pen Tool
  • The Brush Tool
  • Opacity
  • Spacing
  • Emphasis in Composition
  • Patterns
  • Proportion
  • The Principle of Rhythm
  • Unity Principle
  • The Direct Selection Tool
  • Guide & Grids
  • Logo Design
  • The Use of Logos
  • Importing Images 
  • The Mask Tool
  • Collages
  • Exporting
  • Blending Modes
  • The Company Branding Guide
  • Portfolio



  • Teacher: Dom
  • Areas of expertise: Film, Video Production, Photography, Graphic Design
  • Education: B.S. K-12 Physical Education ('10) M.A. Art & Design ('19)
  • Interests: Film, Video, Editing, Photography, Design
  • Skills: On Camera Acting, Stunt Performing, Design, Branding
  • Associations: SAG-AFTRA, WTEA
  • Issues I care about: Digital Art that changes culture.

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