Introduction to Classical Guitar

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Teacher: Andrew
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1 Course Introduction 06:36

2 Why Classical Guitar? 08:37

3 What You Will Need 06:29

4 Introduction to the Guitar 08:09

5 Musical Notation for the Guitar 19:15

6 Playing the Guitar 09:53

Treble Strings

7 Notes on the Guitar 15:44

8 Etude No. 2 08:42

9 DUET - Nocturne 07:42

10 Notes on the G String 14:30

11 DUET - A Fairy Tale 07:48

12 How to Practice 11:32

13 Notes on the B and E Strings 10:56

14 Surprise and the Fox 15:42

15 Ode to Joy 09:44

16 Intro to Music History 13:09

17 Putting Three Strings Together 06:49

18 Musicality 11:03

19 Arpeggios 10:46

20 Introducing Chords 18:11


21 DUET - Jazz Cat 02:18

22 DUET - Au clair de la lune 02:26

23 DUET - Oh! Susanna 02:08

24 DUET - Waltz 04:27

25 DUET - Minuet 03:26

26 DUET - Morning 02:00

Bass Strings

27 Introducing Bass Strings 18:34

28 Arpeggios Part II 08:56

29 New Notes 09:15

30 C Scale 06:34


31 DUETS - Angeline the Baker 05:35

32 DUETS - Minuet II 02:31

33 DUETS - Vsi so venci vejli 03:48

34 DUET - Flow Gently 03:15

Bass Strings

35 Harmony and Melody Together 21:17

36 A and E Strings 10:13

37 Full Chord Shapes 14:58

38 Putting All the Strings Together 12:27

39 Accidentals 12:02


40 DUET - Greensleeves 14:23

41 DUET - Minuet in G 07:19

Capstone Pieces

42 Malagueñas 14:32

43 Siciliano 06:58

44 Farewell 14:29

Finishing Up

45 Next Steps 09:37

Course Description

In Introduction to Classical Guitar, you will not only learn the fundamentals of classical guitar, but the fundamentals of guitar itself. I am a firm believer that learning classical guitar is one of the best building blocks for learning any style of guitar. This course will cover things like musical notation, technique, music history, musicality, and much more. As we work through Classical Guitar Method: Volume 1 by Bradford Werner, we will learn a multitude of fun, enjoyable, beautiful pieces of music. And most important of all, we will have fun!

If you want to learn guitar or even get better at it, this is the course for you. Learning the fundamentals of classical guitar will set you up for a lifetime of playing guitar. Whether you go on to play classical, acoustic or electric guitar, there is something for everyone in this course.

Course Goals

Upon finishing this course, student will be able to read music, play with correct technique, and understand basic musical concepts. In addition, students will have learned how to play melody and harmony at the same time, they will have learned chords, and will have three capstone pieces of music to share with family and friends.

Target Audience

This course is geared toward anyone interested in learning guitar!

Course Requirements

Students must own a guitar (nylon string, acoustic, or electric) and must download Bradford Werner’s free book, Classical Guitar Method: Volume 1. 

Course Includes

  • 7 hours of videos
  • 45 Video-lessons
  • Supplemental listening assignments


Course Topics 

  • Introduction
  • Musical notation
  • How to hold the guitar
  • How to practice
  • All the notes in the first position of the guitar
  • Music history
  • Musicality
  • Chords
  • Scales
  • Arpeggios
  • Duets
  • Capstone pieces
  • Teacher: Andrew
  • Areas of expertise: Classical guitar, Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, teaching, music production.
  • Education: Bachelor of Music in Classical guitar Performance and Worship for Moody Bible Institute
  • Interests: Music composition, Reading, Playing with my dog, History
  • Skills: Classical guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, music education.
  • Associations: AHS
  • Issues I care about: My family, Music education

I've been playing guitar for 15 years and have gained so much joy from it. I loved it so much, I got a degree in classical guitar performance. When I'm not playing or teaching, you can find me spending time with my wife, playing with my dog, or composing and recording music.

Review Answer Key

You can find the answers to all the review questions in this document.

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