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Lernsys is a non-profit organization created by teachers with the sole mission to help students and teachers access and share knowledge without the conventional barriers of location, cost and delivery.

If we hope to uplift every child and help them achieve a prosperous, fulfilling, and happy life, we must provide parents, students, and other teachers the tools required to take on this enormous task. Unfortunately, the quality of education children receive and their access to it, whether provided publicly, privately or home-schooled, is usually proportionally correlated to the students' financial situation, the neighborhood where students reside, and their access to the available educators in their area. Lernsys is about teachers helping students.

Unlike many "non-profit" organizations whose founders, directors and officers get paid colossal six and seven figure salaries, none of the executive team leaders at Lernsys get paid any salary at all. All revenues generated through course sales are distributed directly to participating teachers and student support initiatives. Most donations go directy towards student support initiatives including providing greater access to the most vulnerable children in the country.

If you would like to make a small donation, please click on the image below (most donations we receive range between $5 and $20).




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