Ballet and Contemporary Dance for Beginners

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Teacher: Renee
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0 Course Introduction 02:21

This course includes 35 video lessons in both ballet and contemporary dance.  Dancers will learn a variety of dance techniques and utilize these in choreographed combinations and dances.  Each lesson has a supporting document that explains the vocabulary learned in the lesson and provides clear images of the concepts that students are learning.  There are multiple quizzes throughout these lessons to ensure your dancer recalls and comprehends the vocabulary and concepts discussed in the lesson. This course is specifically designed to engage the young artist in expressing herself or himself through the area of movement and dance. 

1 Lesson 1- Intro to Ballet/Plié 11:25

Learn about the basic dress, shoes, and other supplies necessary for ballet class. Students will learn how to execute "plié" at the barre for warm-up.

2 Lesson 2- Fingers and Port de Bras 14:41

Dancers will learn the proper placement of their fingers and arms for classical ballet class.

3 Lesson 3- Point and Flex/Tendu 09:22

Dancers will learn how to isolate and warm-up their feet through point and flex exercises as well as "tendu" at the barre.

4 Lesson 4- Dégagé and Ronde Jambe 11:57

Dancers will follow basic combinations at the barre learning how to execute "dégagé " and "ronde jambe."

5 Lesson 5- Fondu and Frappé Fouetté 10:01

Dancers will learn the basic exercises of "fondu" and "frappé fouetté" at the barre.

6 Lesson 6- Frappé and Grand Battement 12:35

Dancers will learn how to execute "frappé" and "grand battement" in choreographed barre combinations.

7 Lesson 7- Stretching 13:42

Dancers will learn and follow several different methods of stretching their muscles including barre stretches, heel stretches, and splits.

8 Lesson 8- Relevé, Échappé, and Retiré Passe 11:33

Dancers will learn how to balance on "demi-pointe" in these quick and fun combinations.

9 Lesson 9- Pas de bourree, Bourree, and Center Warm-up 17:57

Dancers will learn the basics of "pas de bourree" and "bourree" as well as a fun center warm-up combination to follow along to.

10 Lesson 10- Chaînés and Pique 12:43

Dancers will learn basic traveling steps for turning in "chaînés" and "pique" exercises.

11 Lesson 11- Pique and Pirouette 13:11

Dancers will learn two types of basic turns in ballet and the techniques for "spotting" when spinning.

12 Lesson 12- Waltz 10:39

Dancers will learn a basic stepping pattern in ballet called the waltz. They will also learn different variations of this three-step movement.

13 Lesson 13- Sauté and Changement 10:14

Dancers will learn the art of jumping in ballet by executing"sautés" and "changement."

14 Lesson 14- Prance and Chassé 15:36

Dancers will learn how to "prance" and "chassé" in across the floor exercises.

15 Lesson 15- Glissade and Pas de chat 07:26

Dancers will learn how to do two fun types of jumps including the "pas de chat" and "glissade."

16 Lesson 16- Temps Levé and Grand Jeté 10:34

Dancers will learn how to leap in this lesson on Grand Allegro (big jumps).

17 Lesson 17- Ballet Choreography "Rockelbel" 16:11

Dancers will learn a choreographed classical ballet dance performed to "Rockelbel's Canon" by the Piano Guys.

18 Lesson 18- Intro to Contemporary/ Drop Swings 09:05

Dancers will begin learning the foundations of contemporary dance including a warm-up combination incorporating drop swings.

19 Lesson 19- Inversions 11:56

Dancers will be introduced to basic inversion (upside down) movements such as rocking handstands, passe handstands, and attitude handstands.

20 Lesson 20- Cartwheel and Inversion Combination 09:25

Dancers will learn how to "cartwheel" in contemporary dance. They will memorize a short piece of choreography that combines the different types of inversions they have learned in previous lessons.

21 Lesson 21- Sitting Leg Swings and "Windmills" 10:21

Dancers will learn basic floor work movements such as leg swings and fan rolls, or "windmills."

22 Lesson 22- Back Rolls and Angels 12:20

Dancers will learn how to do a contemporary back roll and a leap on the ground known as a floor jeté or "angel."

23 Lesson 23- Contemporary Pirouettes and Traveling Grand Battement 11:33

Dancers will learn the contemporary versions of pirouettes and grand battement in across the floor combinations.

24 Lesson 24- Contemporary Choreography Part 1 11:42

Dancers will learn a choreographed routine using the elements of contemporary dance they have learned in previous lessons.

25 Lesson 25- Contemporary Choreography Part 2 12:37

Dancers will learn the second part of a choreographed contemporary dance combining the technical elements they have learned in previous lessons.

26 Lesson 26- "Ballerina Dreams" Chapters 1-2 10:08

Dancers will read Chapters 1-2 of an autobiography written by famous ballerina Michaela DePrince. They will answer the discussion questions in their journals and discuss the corresponding answers from the book.

27 Lesson 27- "Ballerina Dreams" Chapters 3-5 12:54

Dancers will read Chapters 3-4 of an autobiography written by famous ballerina Michaela DePrince. They will answer the discussion questions in their journals and discuss the corresponding answers from the book.

28 Lesson 28-"Ballerina Dreams" Chapters 6-8 10:46

Dancers will read Chapters 6-8 of an autobiography written by famous ballerina Michaela DePrince. They will answer the discussion questions in their journals and discuss the corresponding answers from the book.

29 Lesson 29- Sugar Plum Fairy Part 1 07:37

Dancers will learn choreography from the Sugar Plum fairy variation in the well know classical ballet, "The Nutcracker."

30 Lesson 30- Sugar Plum Fairy Part 2 11:34

Dancers will learn the second section of choreography from the Sugar Plum Fairy variation danced in the classical ballet, "The Nutcracker."

31 Lesson 31- Name Improvisation 10:08

Dancers will explore the art of movement improvisation by creating their own original movement phrases inspired by their very own names.

32 Lesson 32- Space Writing Improvisation 09:35

Dancers will learn how to create movement using different body parts as they "draw" their letters in the dancers' space. They will explore the art of improvisation and choreography.

33 Lesson 33- Afro Brazilian Warm-up 11:16

Dancers will explore Afro Brazilian movements in an upbeat contemporary dance warm-up combination.

34 Lesson 34- Ribbon Dance 11:08

Dancers will learn how to dance with a streamer or ribbon stick as a creative prop.

35 Lesson 35- Fan Dance 11:36

Dancers will learn how to dance with a fan as a creative prop in this dance choreographed to "Cello Ascends" by the Piano Guys.

Course Overview:

In Ballet and Contemporary Dance for Beginners, students will be introduced to the wonderful world of ballet and contemporary dance.  Your child will learn classical ballet and contemporary dance techniques including barre exercises, turns, jumps, leaps, floor work and choreography routines they can rehearse at home, or utilize in performance opportunities.  Students will participate in classical ballet and contemporary lessons with a diversity of choreographed exercises and innovative musical accompaniment. This course is designed and aligned with the state standards in dance education.  Children ages 6 to 12 will benefit from the repertoire included in each lesson.

This course includes:

-  35 video lessons with demonstrations and choreographed exercises

-  Online quizzes to check for understanding and reiterate content vocabulary 

-  Vocabulary with images for many lessons

-  Choreographed performance pieces in both ballet and contemporary styles

-  Improvisational activities that incorporate the language arts standards

-  Book study and discussion

-  Dances utilizing innovative props

Course Goals

Upon course completion, students will be able to execute the fundamental techniques associated with classical ballet and contemporary dance.  They will be able to memorize and perform sequences of choreography, as well as create their own personal choreography.  

Target Audience

This course is intended for beginning level students ages 6 to 12.  It is designed to begin with the basic techniques of ballet and move into more intermediate exercises as students build upon prior lessons and knowledge.

Course Requirements

Students completing this course will not need any prior dance training.  Supplies will include dance attire (leggings/tights and leotard, ballet slippers, chair or portable ballet barre, open practice space in home).

Lessons Include:

1.  Intro to Ballet/Plié

2.  Fingers and Port de Bras

3.  Point/Flex and Tendu

4.  Dégagé and Ronde Jambe

5.  Fondu and Frappé Fouetté

6.  Frappé and Grand Battement

7.  Stretching

8.  Relevé and Échappé, Retiré' and Passe

9.  Pas de bourree, Bourree,  and Center Warm-up

10.  Chaînés and Pique

11.  Pique Turn and Pirouette

12.  Waltz

13.  Sauté and Changement

14.  Prance and Chassé

15.  Glissade and Pas de Chat

16. Temps Levé and Grand Jeté

17. Ballet Choreography "Rockelbel"

18.  Intro to Contemporary/Drop Swings

19.  Inversions

20.  Cartwheel and Inversion Combo

21.  Sitting Leg Swings and Windmills

22.  Back Rolls

23.  Conemporary Pirouettes and Traveling Grand Battement

24.  Contemporary Choreography Part 1

25.  Contemporary Choreography Part 2

26.  "Ballerina Dreams" Chapters 1-2

27.  "Ballerina Dreams" Chapters 3-5

28.  "Ballerina Dreams" Chapters 6-8

29.  Sugar Plum Fairy Part 1

30.  Sugar Plum Fairy Part 2

31.  Name Improvisation

32.  Space Writing Improvisation

33.  Afro- Brazilian Warm-up

34.  Ribbon Dance

35.  Fan Dance

  • Teacher: Renee
  • Areas of expertise: Dance Education k-12
  • Education: Masters in Dance Education from California State University, Long Beach BFA in Dance Education from the University of Arizona
  • Interests: Ballet, Contemporary, English as a Second Language, Spanish
  • Skills: Teaching dance technique for 20 years, and teaching on an online platform for three years
  • Associations: State of Texas teaching license, Dance grades 6-12
  • Issues I care about: Arts for all students

The performing arts are an integral aspect of a child's education. By learning the fundamentals of classical ballet and contemporary movement, young students are inspired to activate their creativity and artistic impression through the art of dance. As a dance educator, my goal is to help every child achieve and realize their potential to succeed not only in academics, but also in the realm fine arts.

Test Preparation Document

Test Preparation Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Lesson Quiz Answer Key

Use this answer key to check all answers for the review quizzes found at the end of each lesson.

"Ballerina Dreams" Answer Key

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