College Application Seminar

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Teacher: Kristen
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Unit 1 - Getting Started

0 Course Overview 01:55

This a brief introduction to the College Application Seminar.

1 Lesson 1 - Introduction 12:54

Introduction to the teacher and topics covered. Some resources are presented here, and many more will be available throughout the course.

2 Lesson 2 - Assessing Your College Knowledge 22:34

What do you know about college and college admissions so far? Let's find out!

3 Lesson 3 - Kinds of Colleges and Their Characteristics 20:05

There are over 2,000 four-year colleges in the US alone, so how can you possibly narrow it down? This lesson will introduce some main differences between various colleges and give you a few characteristics to consider.

Unit 2 - Gathering Information

4 Lesson 4 - Creating a Balanced List 13:57

This lesson discusses how many colleges should be on your list and defines safety, target, and reach college.

5 Lesson 5 - The College Search 13:03

We will explore a few of my favorite resources that will help you work on your college list including BigFuture and a college admissions website.

6 Lesson 6 - The College Search: Additional Resources 19:34

This lesson discusses additional sources of information for your college list including college representatives, college fairs, and campus tours. Don't forget to check out the "Resources" document after viewing the video.

7 Lesson 7 - Career Exploration (Part 1) 19:56

This lesson discusses two assessment related to career exploration, the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

8 Lesson 8 - Career Exploration (Part 2) 12:51

We will use one online tool to do some initial career exploration. Two assignments are included to help you take this further if you wish.

Unit 3 - The Fine Details

9 Lesson 9 - SAT vs. ACT 16:53

Similarities and differences between the SAT and ACT. A few resources for test prep are included as well.

10 Lesson 10 - Types of Application Review 13:14

How do colleges review applications? Holistic/qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid methods are covered here.

11 Lesson 11 - Calculating Your GPA 12:02

We all know how high schools calculate GPA, but what about colleges? Learn the fine details and check out some resources to help answer any additional questions you may have.

12 Lesson 12 - College Pressures and Expectations 08:27

This lesson discusses internal and external college pressures and expectations as well as some tips to overcome them.

13 Lesson 13 - Majors 13:29

What is a major? How do I choose one? Do I need to choose one now?

Unit 4 - Application and Essay Tips

14 Lesson 14 - Early Action/Early Decision 09:30

This lesson discusses the differences between Early Action (EA) and Early Decision (ED). We will also be finalizing your college list and getting organized before starting applications.

15 Lesson 15 - The Common App and General Application Tips 14:37

An introduction to the Common App plus tips that can be useful for any application

16 Lesson 16 - The UC Application 15:37

This lesson provides an introduction to the UC application as well as a bit about my experience reading those applications in years past.

17 Lesson 17 - Your Essay (Part 1) 11:00

Why do college applications require essays? How are they different from most of the essays I've written in high school? How do I start writing?

18 Lesson 18 - Your Essay (Part 2) 14:23

Common App and UC prompts are discussed as well as editing tips and how to write a memorable essay.

19 Lesson 19 - Common App Supplements and Letters of Rec 12:51

This lesson covers additional essays required for the Common App as well as letters of recommendation.

20 Lesson 20 - College Admissions Resume 11:06

A college admissions resume helps get you organized for your applications and can also be used later on for scholarship applications.

Unit 5 - The Job Application Process and Financial Aid

21 Lesson 21 - Resumes and Cover Letters 11:54

Professional resumes and cover letters are discussed as an introduction to the working world.

22 Lesson 22 - Job Applications and Interviews 13:20

This lesson discusses what you might expect from a job application and an interview as well as tips to prepare you for both. Some colleges also require interviews.

23 Lesson 23 - Financial Aid (Part 1): FAFSA and CSS Profile 12:44

The two main financial aid forms will be covered: FAFSA and CSS Profile

24 Lesson 24 - Financial Aid (Part 2): Scholarships 11:48

What is the best way to find and qualify for scholarships? Financial aid scams are also discussed.

25 Lesson 25 - Financial Aid (Part 3): Talking about Money 10:55

How should you talk with your parents and your college's financial aid officer about money? We will also compare financial aid packages.

Unit 6 - After the Application

26 Lesson 26 - The Big Decision 12:16

You're in! How will you decide between your top choices?

27 Lesson 27 - After the Application: What's Next? 15:19

There are a few more details you need to remember after getting accepted to college. This lesson includes information about college portals, housing, student intent to register, orientation, and honors programs.

28 Lesson 28 - The Community College Path 14:31

Many students decide to go to a community college after high school and then transfer to a four-year college later on. This lesson shows an alternative path to earning a bachelor's degree.

29 Lesson 29 - The Gap Year 08:57

Some students decide to postpone their first year of college for a variety of reasons. They may instead opt to work, volunteer, or do missionary work. Various options and resources and provided.

30 Lesson 30 - Success in College 15:23

This final lesson provides some tips for success in college including planning your classes and getting involved on campus.

College Application Seminar Course Description


Course Overview

This course is intended to help high school seniors successfully complete their college applications and essays. It is taught by a former high school counselor and college admissions representative.

Some California-specific issues and colleges are mentioned, but most lessons are applicable throughout the US. Most information remains the same or similar year to year, but there are resources and links provided that allow you to learn about any changes (deadlines, fees, etc.)


Target Audience

This course is geared toward high school seniors and would be most beneficial if started no later than the fall of their senior year.


This course includes:

6 units

30 video lessons

9 journal prompts

8 worksheets

21 supplemental documents (including resources and links)

1 test

Approximately 7 hours of video lessons


Course Topics

  • Different kinds of colleges
  • Creating a balanced college list
  • College search tips
  • An introduction to career exploration
  • SAT vs. ACT
  • How colleges review applications
  • Calculating your GPA
  • College pressures and expectations
  • Majors
  • Early Action/Early Decision
  • Common App
  • The UC Application
  • College essays
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Job applications, resumes, and interviews
  • Financial aid: FAFSA, CSS Profile, and scholarships
  • Deciding between colleges
  • What to do after being admitted
  • Alternative paths: community college and gap year
  • Success in college
  • Teacher: Kristen
  • Areas of expertise: College admissions, school counseling
  • Education: BA Latin American & Latino Studies from UC Santa Cruz, MA Education and PPS School Counseling from San Jose State University, and College Counseling Certificate from UCLA Extension
  • Interests: College tours, college t-shirts, collaborating with admissions officers
  • Skills: Application and essay review
  • Associations: National Association for College Admission Counseling
  • Issues I care about: Finding "best fit" colleges

Welcome to my course! I have worked on the high school and college sides of admissions and use both to bring the information you see here. I have included helpful resources as well as reflections from my own experiences after helping many students apply to college and reading over a thousand applications.

Test Preparation Document

Test Preparation Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Quick Reference Guide

Suggested websites for college applications, standardized testing, financial aid, college search, and college athletics.

Senior Year Timeline

A checklist of what to do when your senior year

Assessing Your College Knowledge - Answer Key

Answer key for College Knowledge quiz (Lesson 2)
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