Understanding the Basics

This section covers general questions about the program such as getting started, duration of lessons, curriculum, etc. Click on the questions below to expand and view each answer.

The Basics

Lernsys is a leading provider of K to 12 premium academic content, engaging video courses and customized academic materials for public, private and homeschooled students in both North America and around the world. Lernsys operates as a non-profit driven organization through its partnership with participating teachers. Lernsys Homeschooling is built around one prevailing mantra - Education, Your Way. Lernsys Homeschooling provides families the most comprehensive selection of academic materials by certified and licensed teachers, a virtual one-stop-program for all your academic needs.
Whether you contribute to the public school system as a tax-payer, or your child attends an expensive private school, chances are you are never given the option to hand-pick each teacher your child will have during the school year. Lernsys is built around choice. In addition to an abundance of written, video and audio resources, the Lernsys System is truly distinctive in its ability to provide parents affordable access to a database of thousands of lessons and the best teachers in America, each with their own unique style, experience, and expertise. Thanks to our collaborating teachers, parents are now able to purchase invaluable hours of professional-grade curriculum, lessons, activities, and materials for less than what they would normally pay during one single week of private tutoring.
Our courses provide not only the actual video-lessons and instruction, but also activities, answer keys, quizzes and many other resources. Because of this, they alleviate the pain of having to pull together different pieces of material from different sources which often times either overlap with each other or simply do not fulfill a comprehensive curriculum. One distinctive feature which most of our courses have is the follow-along activity review video which usually comes after each worksheet or activity. During the follow-along activity review video, teachers provide each correct answer to the activity or worksheet. For subjects like math, chemistry, physics, etc., this is extremely helpful as teachers actually work out each solution on the board from start to finish.
Unlike tutoring or private classes, our lessons can be accessed at home or on the road, in the car or on the beach, from a computer or smart device, thus reducing the student's anxiety and making the learning experience much more pleasant and enjoyable.
We offer a wide selection of subjects including math, science, chemistry, physics, history, social studies, geography, biology and foreign languages, among many others. We also continue to add more courses to our existing library of courses.
The Lernsys Program is self-paced. Since our video-lessons can be watched over and over again, students can easily move through each course and its lessons at their own pace, pausing, stopping, and repeating as needed in order to completely master new concepts and topics.
This depends on each course and how fast you want to complete the course or the entire program. As a general rule, you should take the number of days which you plan to finish by and divide this by the number of lessons in the course. For example, if a course has 60 lessons and you plan to complete the course within 180 days, you should divide 180 by 60. The result will give you a general estimate on how often you should access each new lesson. Remember to also take into account weekends and holidays.
Homeschooled students tend to move at a much faster pace than public or private school students. In a public school classroom, there may be anywhere between 20 and 30 students or more requiring competing attention from the teacher and many other distractions and intervening factors such as getting settled in, going over homework, interruptions, breaks, random distractions, questions, etc. If you are new to homeschooling you may find this surprising at first; however, parents who have been homeschooling for some time have realized that this is just one of the many benefits of homeschooling versus traditional schooling. In fact, it is not at all uncommon for many homeschoolers to complete even more than one academic year during a calendar year or to pursue other interests at the same time such as learning an instrument, foreign languages, etc.
Generally speaking, if it's for the same subject and grade level as one of the previous courses and within a certain time frame, you may be able to. Please contact our Support Department for assistance.

Please refer to each course's Curriculum, Description, About the Teacher, and Resources sections for specific information and details about each course's lessons and content. Generally speaking, our courses contain:

homeschooling New Jersey Curriculum. As a parent, you are well aware of the time, effort, expense and frustration that goes into finding a professionally developed curriculum which optimizes your children´s study time and potential, focuses on what is truly important in the 21st century, and one which is provided by experienced educators to meet or exceed state standards while cutting through the senseless and irrelevant clutter. When you purchase access to a Lernsys course, you are ensuring that each minute spent learning new concepts and information is time well spent and that each lesson is productive and helping achieve your child´s full potential.

homeschooling New Jersey Video-lessons. Our video-lessons are now the leading standard in the industry and developed by top educators in their respective fields of expertise. They deliver clearly defined lesson objectives, goals, and deliverables via a well-defined academic plan and structured approach. If you have tried "free" online solutions in the past, you know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to find good quality lessons that actually follow a sequential pedagogic approach, and not simply "loose" lessons created and uploaded by pseudo-educators who often lack any real qualifications, state-issued certifications or degrees, let alone any actual classroom experience. Your time is very valuable; your children's education priceless. Cheap and stitched together solutions found on the web can do lasting harm when important concepts are not properly learned and mastered at the right time. Having to "unlearn" concepts not properly mastered is a common complaint many students voice after having tried over-the-counter "solutions". Our lessons are developed by qualified educators with actual teaching experience, some even from Ivy League universities such as Harvard, Columbia, and Berkeley, among other world-renowned institutions, and who often hold multiple certifications and degrees such as Master of Arts (M.A.), Master of Education (M.Ed. or Ed.M.), and even EdD or PhD's.

homeschooling New Jersey Worksheets and Activities. Each course includes worksheets, activities and practice material to ensure that each student not only understands and fully comprehends each lesson, but is able to master it. Most parents who homeschool or spend time helping their children with school related work face a daunting challenge: Ensuring that questions, exercises and problems accurately match the new material taught. However, this is seldom the case when pulling together material from different sources. Typically, exercises and worksheets found online seldom serve as true counterparts, thus creating a serious problem for students who often become disengaged and frustrated, blaming themselves for not being able to solve problems which may not truly reflect the new material learned in the first place. When you purchase a Lernsys course, you will no longer have to worry about spending valuable time trying to piece together and accurately match lessons with exercises.

homeschooling resourcesFollow-along Activity Review Videos. Finding quality worksheets, exercises and practice material can be very useful if it helps learn and master a new concept. But what happens when the student does not arrive to the correct answer and cannot figure out where the mistake was made? Either you are burdened with the task of figuring out the error, or the student becomes frustrated and loses interest. To deal with this very real and common dilemma, nearly all of our academic K to 12 courses include step-by-step tutorials where teachers review each worksheet or exercise and review the answers step by step. This is extremely helpful for two reasons. Firstly, students get a chance to go over new concepts recently introduced and to see them apply in actual real-world scenarios. Secondly, if the student does not arrive to the proper answer or solution correctly, the teacher will explain the solution step by step, giving the student a chance to understand where the mistake was made, correct the work and make adjustments as needed. 

homeschooling quizzes and testsQuizzes and Tests. Digital quizzes and tests not only ensure that students aren't attempting to skip over entire lessons, but they also validate that students have comprehended the new material well and can now master it. Our digital quizzes and tests also serve as actual evidence that the student is progressing well which is important since many school districts across the U.S. and Canada require parents who homeschool to provide evidence of testing being conducted as part of a well-defined homeschool program. This information must often come from a third-party or independent source. The Lernsys System auto-corrects all digital quizzes and tests.

homeschooling quizzes and testsResources. Parents often spend considerable time looking for additional resources, thinking creatively how to extend concepts in new ways beyond the classroom. Under the course's "Resources" section, you will often find material for parents which can include tests and quizzes' answer keys, additional exercises, worksheets, and cool ideas for parents who want to share activities with their children in creative ways. The "Resources" section is password protected and only parents can access it.

Students can access lessons, even previous ones, as often as required.

Yes. We provide upon request Certificates of Completion for the Complete Homeschool Program.


Getting Started

You can get started by purchasing only specific courses you need, or a 3 or 5 course bundle (Core Course Bundle or Complete Homeschool Program, respectively).
Yes, you can mix courses from different subjects and grade levels.
Unlike other programs out there which keep much of the course or program information and curriculum hidden, we provide all the information parents need in order to make an informed decision. Because our participating teachers receive most of the proceeds from course sales, we allow changing a course only under limited circumstances (e.g., the course does not match its stated description) and within a narrow time frame (usually a couple of days). However, because each course has free full-length lessons which can be previewed before purchase and each course clearly details upfront all the topics, materials, and lessons contained, it is extremely rare for parents to request to change a course. Additionally, besides one (or several) free lessons each course may have, each course also contains an About the Teacher, Course Curriculum, Course Details, and Course Resources section detailing all the topics, lessons, and materials included with the course. All of these sections and information are readily available for review without purchase.
We provide lifetime access to the course.
Because anyone having access to the email address associated with the account can potentially reset the master password including the main parent login, it is highly recommended that you register using your own email address and not the student's. Upon registering, you will also be able to create a special "parent login" which has special priviliges and grants access to answer keys and additional resources, among other protected files and documents.
Some courses may provide access to all of the lessons and materials at once. However, the vast majority of courses will require you to first complete a lesson in order to access the video and materials for the upcoming lesson(s). Sometimes passing a quiz or test will open up access to an entire section and not just the following lesson.
Yes. Certain lessons will require you to pass a quick quiz or test in order to open up the following lesson(s). You have the option to skip the quiz or test using your parent login. Note, however, that if you skip a quiz or test, the student will not be able to retake it. Sometimes passing a quiz or test will open up access to an entire section and not just the following lesson.
When a digital quiz or test is taken and the user is sent back, it means that at least one of the answers was incorrect. The student is sent back so that the quiz/test can be retaken. To protect the integrity of the assessments, we don't tell the student which answer was correct/incorrect because they could then simply try different answers quickly in sequence, effectively guessing their way through every incorrect answer and potentially bypassing not only an answer but an entire quiz/test. If the student does not wish to retake the quiz/test, you can always bypass/skip the assessment with your parent login/credentials or use the answer keys provided in the "Resources" section (parent login required to access) to see which answer was incorrect.
The Recursive Grading feature works in conjunction with the Grade Tracking feature. While the Grade Tracking feature provides a quiz or test final mark when quizzes or tests are passed with a 100% mark, or skipped after taking a quiz or test, the Recursive Grade feature provides a mark or grade each time the quiz or test is taken.
  • Grade Tracking: Mark is shown when quiz or test is passed with 100% mark, or once a quiz or test is first completed and then skipped
  • Recursive Grading: Mark is shown each time the quiz or test is taken

Please refer to this page for further information: Grade Tracking

Lernsys Homeschooling provides homeschooling parents a built-in tool to generate a homeschool record in only a few steps.
Please refer to this page for further information: Course Transcripts



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