Painting for Beginners

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Teacher: Melissa
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0 Course Introduction 01:21

What is this course about?

1 Materials 09:19

In this course we will explore acrylics and watercolors.  Students will learn how to use their paints, practicing various techniques.  They will also look at different works of art by different artists and we will discuss their subject and style.  Throughout the course students students will be exposed to relavent vocabulary, encouraged to have fun, and make their work unique.  

Section: Acrylic Painting

2 Color Mixing 15:10

Create a color wheel while discovering how colors mix together.

3 Creating Values 15:27

Create a collage of light and dark colored, painted papers.

4 Mixing Skin Tones 12:26

Create a work of art inspired by an artist while creating a variety of skin tones.

5 Blending 11:59

Create a sunset while blending colors together.

6 Textured Painting Surface 12:30

Create a textured surface for a non-objective painting.

7 Giraffe Portrait 13:20

Create a giraffe portrait by starting with simple shapes.

8 Still Life 14:12

Create a still life that feels 3D by using space realistically.

9 Abstract Portrait 09:25

Create an abstract portrait with different shapes and/or colors by playing a game.

10 Adding Texutre 10:21

Create texture in a painting by using unusual materials.

11 Unique Brushes 10:15

Create a fun painting with various objects that aren't conventional paintbrushes.

12 Collage and Paint 10:28

Create a painting that includes collage.

13 Assemblage 11:14

Create an assemblage that is then painted over.

14 Surrealism 10:09

Create an unusual painting in a style called Surrealism.

15 Color Schemes: Analogous Colors 10:32

Recreate a famous work of art with an analogous color scheme.

16 Pointillism 09:58

Create a painting using dots of paints.

17 Printmaking with Paint 12:00

Create a print using paint.

18 Action Painting 12:56

Create a painting using different "actions".

19 Ocean Seascape 11:03

Create an ocean seascape.

20 Portrait 13:02

Create a portrait of someone who is important to you.

21 Glazing 11:30

Create a painting of shapes using the glazing technique.

Section: Watercolor Painting

22 Watercolor Techniques part 1 13:31

Create a book of watercolor technique examples to use as a resource.

23 Watercolor Techniques part 2 12:30

Create more examples of various watercolor techniques.

24 Watercolor Techniques part 3 15:34

Create more examples of various watercolor techniques.

25 Seascape 10:18

Create an underwater seascape and use the wax resist method.

26 Landscape 14:45

Create a landscape painting using a sponge for texture.

27 Geometric Shapes 11:14

Create a non-objective painting using masking tape.

28 Flowers 10:57

Create a close up view of a flower.

29 Interior Design 09:55

Create a painting of your dream bedroom.

30 Fashion Design 13:35

Create an new outfit design.

31 Bird Painting 13:22

Create a painting of a bird, using a photo as a reference.

32 Portrait 13:56

Create an unusual portrait.

33 Negative Space Painting 11:24

Create a painting that focuses on negative space.

34 Watercolor Pencil vs Colored Pencil 11:56

Create a mixed media painting using watercolor and colored pencil or watercolor pencil.

35 Bubble Painting 13:07

Create a painting using watercolor, water, and soap.

36 Complementary Colors 11:11

Create a complementary color triptych.

37 Architecture 12:10

Create an elevation of a house.

38 Blots and Spattering 10:19

Create a painting that looks like it was spray painted.

39 Rubbing Alcohol Technique 11:07

Create mini paintings with the rubbing alcohol technique.

40 Cool and Warm Colors 13:47

Create a fun painting with cool vs warm colors.

41 Outer Space 10:51

Create an outer space composition while combining techniques.

Course Overview

This “Painting for Beginners” video course covers what students need to feel confident and successful as an artist.

The course has an emphasis on specific painting skills while allowing students the ability to make creative choices.

Course Includes:






Course Goals:

Upon course completion, students will be able to create their paintings using acrylics and watercolor effectively.


Target Audience

This video-course is primarily intended for students in 4th grade to 8th.  It could be appropriate from some older students who have little to no experience painting.


Course breakdown

Section 1: Acrylic Painting

Section 2: Watercolor Painting


Course Objectives

Students will explore techniques for acrylic paints and watercolor paints to get different desired effects. 

Students will be introduced to and practice multiple subjects for art making. 

While creating students will gain knowledge of vocabulary, different artists, and styles of art.

Students will create finished works of art they can be proud of.

  • Teacher: Melissa
  • Areas of expertise: Art Grades PK-12
  • Education: Bachelor of Science in Fine Art, Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Interests: I love to read, paint, play with my dog and watch movies.
  • Skills: I am a professional artist.
  • Associations: National Art Educators Association member
  • Issues I care about: I want every student to find their artistic voice and love creating.

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