U.S. History and Civics

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Exploration and Colonization

0 Welcome and Course Overview 03:32

Welcome to U.S. History and Civics!

1 European Exploration of The Americas 11:49

This lesson covers such topics as the voyages of Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci, and other European Explorers to the Americas during the late 1400s into the early 1500s.

2 European Exploration of The Americas Activity & Solution 03:34

This engaging activity has students piecing four pictures together to recreate the German cartographer, Martin Waldseemuller's, world map showing America on a map for the first time in history.

3 English Colonization of The Americas 20:00

Students will be introduced to the English settling of the thirteen original English colonies in North America in this lesson.

4 English Colonization of The Americas Activity Solution 03:00

This activity engages students by having them label all thirteen of the original English colonies on a blank map.

5 The American Revolution 17:19

Significant events leading to the Americans declaring their independence from Great Britain as well as key events of the American Revolution are covered in this lesson.

6 The American Revolution Activity Solution 02:59

This activity asks students to place five significant events of the American Revolution in correct chronological order and then decide which of the five events was most significant.

Government and Civics

7 The Declaration of Independence 10:34

The focus of this lesson is the examination of the twenty grievances spelled out in the Americans Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.

8 The Declaration of Independence Activity Solution 03:58

Students examine the 27 grievances in the Declaration of Independence and decide which grievance was most significant in their opinion.

9 The U.S. Constitution 10:16

This lessons covers the seven articles of the U.S. Constitution.

10 The U.S. Constitution Activity Solution 03:00

This lesson activity asks students to evaluate the seven articles and decide for themselves which of the articles was most important. Students will write a complete sentence identify the articles they chose an include an explanation why they believe the article is the most important.

11 Bill of Individual Rights 13:48

The objective of this lesson is to introduce students the Bill of Individual Rights; or, put another way the first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

12 Bill of Individual Rights Activity Solution 07:49

Students will be given a scenario and have to draw a conclusion as to which of the Bill of Individual Rights the scenario is best associated with.

13 Constitutional Amendments 14:00

Constitutional Amendments 11-27 are covered in this lesson as well as the process of amending the U.S. Constitution. Note: Amendments 1-10 were covered in the previous Bill of Rights lesson.

14 Constitutional Amendments Activity Solution 07:22

This lesson activity has students referring back to the amendments lecture video to match each amendment's description with the appropriate number.

15 Branches of Government 14:39

America's three branches of government; Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches are covered during this lesson as well as how a bill or piece of legislation becomes a law.

16 Branches of Government Activity Solution 03:48

Students will write six full sentence answers to six questions regarding the three branches of government during this engaging acitivity.

17 Duties and Responsibilities of Good Citizens 17:28

This lesson explains what a citizen is and then looks at thirteen key duties and responsibilities of good citizens.

18 Duties and Responsibilities of Good Citizens Activity Solution 05:51

Students will consider each of the thirteen duties and responsibilities presented and choose one of the more important to draw a picture of them performing.

The Early Republic

19 Growth and Expansion 11:46

Students will learn about the major land acquisitions that led to America fulfilling its Manifest Destiny and expansion across the continent.

20 Growth and Expansion Activity Solution 04:49

This lesson activity has students labeling the major land acquisitions of the United States between 1776 and 1853.

21 America's First Industrial Revolution 11:00

Mechanical innovations of America's First Industrial Revolution are covered in this lesson.

22 America's First Industrial Revolution Activity Solution 04:14

Students will consider inventions of the First Industrial Revolution and identify what they believe to be the three most important. They will then justify their choice of being the most significant.

23 The U.S. Civil War 15:25

The reasons for the U.S. Civil War are discussed in this lesson as well as both the Union and confederacy's strategies and key battles.

24 The U.S. Civil War Activity Solution 05:01

This engaging activity asks students to create a U.S. Civil War timeline with three significant events placed on the timeline and identified and described in relative chronological order.

25 Reconstruction & Sharecropping 16:54

The four Reconstruction Plans are examined as well as the plight of the majority of the 4.1 million freedmen during this lesson.

26 Reconstruction and Sharecropping Activity Solution 03:34

Students are asked to write one important thing about each of the four plans to reconstruct or nation after the U.S. Civil War ended.

Empire Building

27 America's Second Industrial Revolution 13:50

This lesson looks at the Second Industrial Revolution Robber Barons and their business practices that made them super rich.

28 America's Second Industrial Revolution Activity Solution 02:32

This engaging lesson asks students to match each of the Robber Barons with the business that he made his millions in. For example, Andrew Carnegie was in the steel business and John Rockefeller was in the oil business.

29 Imperialism 12:53

America's imperialistic actions are examined in this lesson to include the acquisition of the Philippine Islands, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

30 Imperialism Activity Solution 04:25

Students will write their own definition of IMPERIALISM and draw a colorful patriotic picture that captures the essence of America's imperialistic acts.

31 World War One 14:44

This lesson examines the events of World War as well as America's involvement in World War One.

32 World War One Activity Solution 03:13

Students will place five significant events of World War One in correct chronological order.

Great Depression and World War Two

33 The Great Depression 13:01

Students will gain insight into how significant the Great Depression was and also learn about President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal to bring America out of the depression.

34 The Great Depression Activity Solution 02:18

This activity has students writing a letter to President Roosevelt thanking him for creating his New Deal to bring America out of the Great Depression.

35 World War Two 12:01

Students will be introduced to World War Two events in Europe and in Asia as well as America's role in bringing the war to an end in both theaters.

36 World War Two Activity Solution 02:25

This lesson's challenge for students is to place five significant events in correct chronological order.

Cold War & Civil Rights Movement

37 The Cold War 13:16

Key events of the Cold War between the United States and her allies and the Soviet Union and her allies are covered in this lesson between 1945 and 1991.

38 The Cold War Activity Solution 03:00

Students will rank order five significant events of the Cold War and then justify why they chose their number one event by writing a complete sentence explanation.

39 Civil Rights Movement 16:23

Key events of the Modern Civil Rights Movement are covered beginning with the 1954 Brown v. Board of Topeka Education System to the Fair Housing Act of 1968.

40 Civil Rights Movement Activity Solution 02:31

This lesson's engaging activity asks students to answer three questions about the Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's 1963 March on Washington.

1970s to Current Day

41 The Conservative 70s & 80s 11:34

Key events of the 70s & 80s are examined in this lesson; such as, the Energy Crisis, the Watergate Scandal, President Nixon's resignation, and the Air Traffic Controller Strike that was ended by President Reagan giving controllers an ultimatum.

42 The Conservative 70s & 80s Activity Solution 03:48

Students get to create a colorful collage of five events from the 70s and 80s of their choice to highlight.

43 The Nineties & Two Thousands 14:58

Significant events of the 1990s and 2000s are covered in this lesson; such as, Al Qaeda's attacks on America, Hurricane Katrina, and the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic.

44 The Nineties & Two Thousands Activity Solution 04:13

Students will be challenged with writing a paragraph on the 70s & 80s and the 90s & 2000s that includes two events from each era and then a conclusion about which of the two eras was most interesting.

Course Review and Final Exam

45 Course Review and Final Exam 14:49

A targeted review of key content is accomplished during this lecture to ensure students are prepared for the twenty question final exam.

Course Overview

This course, U.S. History and Civics, is for elementary-aged students in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.  The course is composed of 7 sections.  Each section has a lecture and an accompanying engaging activity as well as a four question quiz.  There is also a well thought out course review section to prepare students for the 20 question course final exam.  The course begins with European exploration of the Americas and goes forward in a chronological fashion all the way through the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020.  Embedded within the course are America's governing documents and civic duties of all good citizens.  Here is more detail:

  • 7 Content Sections
  • 22 Video Lessons
  • 22 Lesson Quizzes with Answers in Resource Section
  • 22 Engaging Video Activity Lessons with Video Solutions for each Activity
  • Over 12 hours of video lecture
  • 88 quiz questions plus a 20 question final exam 


Course Goals:

By taking this course students will have a better understanding of the history of our nation from the days of European Exploration and moving forward in a chronological fashion through Current Day events (1492-2020)


Target Audience: 

This course is designed for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  


Course Requirements: 

Students taking this course will need to complete each lesson, each lesson's engaging activity, and each lesson's quiz as well as course final exam to complete the course.  It is intended that students review the videos or take notes in order to be able to complete the engaging activities associated with each lesson as well as the four question quizzes and the 20 question final exam.


Course Topics: 

Section 1: Exploration and Colonization

Lesson 1: European Exploration of the Americas

Lesson 2: English Coloniziation of North America

Lesson 3: The American Revolution


Section 2: Government and Civics

Lesson 4: Declaration of Independence

Lesson 5: United States Constitution

Lesson 6: Bill of Individual Rights

Lesson 7: Constitutional Amendments 11-27

Lesson 8: The Three Branches of Government

Lesson 9: Duties and Responsibilities of a Good Citizen


Section 3: The Early Republic

Lesson 10: Growth and Expansion

Lesson 11: The First Industrial Revolution

Lesson 12: United States Civil War

Lesson 13: Reconstruction and Sharecropping


Section 4: Empire Building

Lesson 14: The Second Industrial Revolution

Lesson 15: America's Imperialism

Lesson 16: World War One


Section 5: Great Depressoin and World War Two

Lesson 17: Great Depression and FDR's New Deal

Lesson 18: World War Two


Section 6: Cold War and Civil Rights Movement

Lesson 19: The Cold War

Lesson 20: Civil Rights Movement


Section 7: 1970s Through Current Day

Lesson 21: The 70s & 80s

Lesson 22: The 90s & 2000s


Section 8: Course Review & Final Exam

Lesson 23: Course Review for the Final Exam

  • Teacher: Joseph
  • Areas of expertise: United States History
  • Education: Composite Social Studies Certification Grades 6-12, B.A. in Geography, Bellevue University, M.A. in Resource Management, Webster University, 18 Graduate Hours in History, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • Interests: I enjoy watching NASCAR, Indycar, and Formula 1 auto racing, visiting U.S. Civil War battle sties, and jogging and hiking for relaxation.
  • Skills: I pride myself in creating creative and engaging lesson activities that students tend to appreciate and find interesting, informative, and enjoyable!
  • Associations: Texas Classroom Teacher Association
  • Issues I care about: Teaching history without a political bias and ensuring my students have fun while they are learning is what I care about.

Teaching is my first love. I taught while spending a career in the military and have been teaching U.S. History at various levels since retiring from the military, to include Regular, Advanced Placement, Honors, Dual Credit, and at community college, for the past 16 years. My students stand out from their peers on state exams as well as on the Advanced Placement U.S. History exams. My greatest teaching achievement thus far has been being a recipient of the Lamar Award for Excellence in Education.

Quiz and Final Exam Answer Keys

Quiz and Final Exam Answer Keys

Test Preparation Document

Test Preparation Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document
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