Cursive Handwriting for Grades 1-4

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Teacher: Jennifer
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Course Introduction

-1 Cursive Handwriting Course Introduction 07:14

Come and check out what this course has to offer!

Section 1 - Lowercase Letters

0 Lesson 1 - Introduction to cursive handwriting 10:52

1 Lesson 2 - Introduction to cursive 14:08

2 Lesson 3 - i 05:16

3 Lesson 4 - t 04:23

4 Lesson 5 - u 03:33

5 Lesson 6 - w 04:13

6 Lesson 7 - e 03:50

7 Lesson 8 - l 04:04

8 Lesson 9 - b 04:12

9 Lesson 10 - h 04:25

10 Lesson 11 - f 03:11

11 Lesson 12 - k 03:54

12 Lesson 13 - r 03:01

13 Lesson 14 - s 04:05

14 Lesson 15 - j 03:05

15 Lesson 16 - p 03:25

16 Lesson 17 - Review undercurve letters 02:38

17 Lesson 18 - a 03:38

18 Lesson 19 - d 03:12

19 Lesson 20 - g 03:50

20 Lesson 21 - o 03:16

21 Lesson 22 - c 03:26

22 Lesson 23 - q 03:43

23 Lesson 24 - Review downcurve letters 05:11

24 Lesson 25 - n 03:15

25 Lesson 26 - m 03:12

26 Lesson 27 - y 02:59

27 Lesson 28 - x 03:14

28 Lesson 29 - v 04:34

29 Lesson 30 - z 04:14

30 Lesson 31 - Review overcurve letters 07:58

31 Lesson 32 - Review lowercase 02:18

Section 2 - Uppercase Letters

32 Lesson 33 - A 03:25

33 Lesson 34 - O 04:01

34 Lesson 35 - D 03:40

35 Lesson 36 - C 02:45

36 Lesson 37 - E 03:10

37 Lesson 38 - Review downcurve 01:07

38 Lesson 39 - N 03:03

39 Lesson 40 - M 03:03

40 Lesson 41 - H 03:48

41 Lesson 42 - K 04:11

42 Lesson 43 - U 03:12

43 Lesson 44 - Y 02:42

44 Lesson 45 - Z 03:24

45 Lesson 46 - V 02:44

46 Lesson 47 - W 03:29

47 Lesson 48 - X 03:17

48 Lesson 49 - Review forward curve 10:10

49 Lesson 50 - I 03:14

50 Lesson 51 - J 02:27

51 Lesson 52 - Q 02:52

52 Lesson 53 - T 03:17

53 Lesson 54 - F 02:11

54 Lesson 55 - Review overcurve and doublecurve 07:53

55 Lesson 56 - G 02:54

56 Lesson 57 - S 03:00

57 Lesson 58 - L 02:53

58 Lesson 59 - P 02:14

59 Lesson 60 - R 02:58

60 Lesson 61 - B 02:44

61 Lesson 62 - Review undercurve slant and loop letters 04:56

62 Lesson 63 - Final review of all letters 02:28

Course Overview

In this complete cursive handwriting course students will be guided to learn how to write neat and beautiful cursive.

We will begin with an introduction, which will teach students the proper mechanics of sitting, holding a pencil, stabilizing your paper, and correct posture. Students will learn the four stars to super writing - slant, size, shape, and spacing. They will be introduced to the specific strokes that make up cursive handwriting. All of this will be explained in the videos. There are guided practice worksheets that accompany the video and worksheets for students to do independently for more practice.

After the introduction, we will move on to the lowercase letters. The letters are taught in a specific order so that it makes sense. Each lowercase letter is taught with a short video, a guided practice worksheet, and an independent worksheet. The guided practice worksheets also include an important vocabulary word that starts with the letter we are learning that day, along with a beautiful colored photo of the vocabulary word. Throughout the teaching of the lowercase letters there are three review lessons with six additional practice worksheets. These review worksheets also reinforce other important concepts like nouns, making lists, and idioms. Each of the 26 independent worksheets includes letters and words for the students to trace first and then try writing on their own.

Then we will move on to the capital letters. There are 26 videos and guided practice worksheets. Each capital letter is taught as a proper noun with a colored picture that goes along with the proper noun. Most are places around the world. Some examples are Africa, Peru, Rome, the Nile River, and Washington D.C. A short description of each place will be included in the video. There are 26 independent practice worksheets for additional reinforcement. They include letters and words for students to trace first and then try to write independently. Throughout the teaching of the capital letters, there are six review worksheets that that also help reinforce or introduce other learning concepts like writing invitations, facts and opinions, idioms, alphabetizing, and writing titles while they are practicing their cursive handwriting. 

There are two final reviews - a guided practice with a short video and an independent practice worksheet where the students can demonstrate all that they learned throughout the course.

This course packs a lot of learning in, but it is done in a simple, quick way with a variety of activities and interesting and colorful pictures and graphics so students will remain interested. Concepts are reviewed so students can learn with confidence.

Continue the art of cursive handwriting!

 This course includes:

  • 63 videos (2 cursive introductory videos, 26 lowercase lessons, 3 lowercase review lessons, 26 uppercase lessons, 4 uppercase review lessons, 1 final review)
  • 63 practice worksheets that go along with each video
  • 63 independent practice worksheets for additional review and practice
  • 3 quizzes for the lowercase letters
  • 3 quizzes for the uppercase letters
  • 1 final assessment
  • Final assessment answer key
  • Answer key for all quizzes

 Course Goals

After completing this complete cursive handwriting course, students will understand the proper mechanics of handwriting and the main components of beautiful handwriting. Students will be able to write all lowercase and uppercase letters in cursive. They will know how to join letters together in order to write words and sentences freely and fluently. Students will feel confident in their handwriting and will have fun doing it!

 Target Audience

This complete cursive handwriting course is primarily intended for students in grades two through six; however, it is appropriate for anyone who is interested in learning cursive handwriting.

 Course Requirements

Students taking this course should have a basic understanding of and experience with manuscript (printing) handwriting. They also should have some reading background.

 Course Topics

Section 1 – Lowercase letters


Introduction to cursive handwriting I

Introduction to cursive handwriting II

Lowercase i

Lowercase t

Lowercase u

Lowercase w

Lowercase e

Lowercase l

Lowercase b

Lowercase h

Lowercase f

Lowercase k

Quiz #1

Lowercase r

Lowercase s

Lowercase j

Lowercase p

Review of undercurve letters

Lowercase a

Lowercase d

Lowercase g

Lowercase o

Lowercase c

Lowercase q

Quiz #2

Review of downcurve letters

Lowercase n

Lowercase m

Lowercase y

Lowercase x

Lowercase v

Lowercase z

Quiz #3

Review of overcurve letters

Review of all lowercase letters


Section 2 – Uppercase letters


Uppercase A

Uppercase O

Uppercase D

Uppercase C

Uppercase E

Review of downcurve letters

Uppercase N

Uppercase M

Uppercase H

Uppercase K

Uppercase U

Quiz # 4

Uppercase Y

Uppercase Z

Uppercase V

Uppercase W

Uppercase X

Review of forward curve letters

Uppercase I

Uppercase J

Uppercase Q

Uppercase T

Uppercase F

Review of overcurve and doublecurve letters

Uppercase G

Quiz #5

Uppercase S

Uppercase L

Uppercase P

Uppercase R

Uppercase B

Quiz #6

Review of undercurve slant and loop letters

Final review of all letters

  • Teacher: Jennifer
  • Areas of expertise: Elementary Education K-6
  • Education: Bachelor of Science, Elementary Education Bachelor of Arts, Spanish Bachelor of Arts, Social Welfare
  • Interests: I love living life and experiencing all it has to offer! Traveling and seeing the world and experiencing different cultures is my absolute favorite! I love spending time with my kids, especially watching them play sports. I enjoy playing sports too and watching them on TV. I also love trying new foods and reading historical fiction books.
  • Skills: I have a calm and patient manner of teaching that students really respond to. I love encouraging students and helping them find their self confidence. I love art and music.
  • Associations: N/A
  • Issues I care about: Education

Hello from this midwestern country teacher! I have strong family values and believe in hard work and making the most out of every day we are given. I used that work ethic as I planned and designed my courses so that they are the best they can be! I'm so excited to be teaching here and hope my courses are engaging, fun, and beneficial. Learning is so awesome!!!

Test Preparation Document

Test Preparation Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Digital Quizzes and Tests Answer Keys Document

Final assessment

Complete your final assessment to show all that you have learned.

Final assessment answer key

Use the answer key to check your final written assessment.

Answer Key to all quizzes

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