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Welcome to the largest and most complete selection in the world of academic video courses and curricula by certified or licensed teachers, educators and instructors! We have a varied selection of video courses in math, reading, science, chemistry, algebra and more.

Our academic video courses, curricula and practice exercises for kindergarten to 12 grade are ideal for homeschoolers and public or private students wanting to expand their math, reading, science, calculus, chemistry skills, among other subjects.

We provide academic math, science, reading courses and online school curriculum to homeschoolers and private and public students for Kindergarten to Grade 12 in every state, including online school curriculum for Chevy Chase and online school curriculum for Washington D.C.

Feel free to click on the links below to access the world's largest library of complete math video courses and video lessons created for homeschoolers, private and public school students.

Click on the links below to access more online math, science, reading lectures, problems, exercises, lessons and videos provided by certified or licensed educators and instructors:

For more information or resources, you may visit your state's designated education portal: District of Columbia Education Agency Official Website
For more information about your state's regulations for homeschooling your child, you may visit your state's education portal: Homeonline school curriculum by State

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