High School Electives

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This high school elective course will amplify your knowledge of the behavioral sciences field and help you explore and understand various concepts surrounding character enrichment +
Great business course for students in high school! This course will help you develop your understanding of the business world and its inner workings +
This health and wellness course aims to instill important concepts regarding different psycho-physical illnesses, diseases and problems and how to detect them +
This high school elective home skills course will help you prepare and develop your home management skills including an overview of insurance and first aid concepts +
Learn the importance of marriage and family, its role in today's society, its value and our duties and responsibilities as a member of these +
International-grade pre-Algebra math course (PISA) will broaden your understanding and development of Algebraic functions and equations +
Should you go to college? Should you pursue a technical field? This course will help to guide you in this important decision and its ramifications +
This business level sociology course aims at helping you understand and develop a comprehension of social skills and leadership positions +

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