High School Electives

Our premium selection of academic high school elective courses includes hours of engaging video-lessons, worksheets, downloadable materials and resources, quizzes, tests, and support material to ensure students are able not only to learn, but to master many different subjects.

Our high school elective courses video courses cover a wide array of areas and subjects including foreign languages, art, music, psychology, economics, etc.

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This high school elective home skills course will help you prepare and develop your home management skills including an overview of insurance and first aid concepts +
$199.99 $89.02
Learn the importance of marriage and family, its role in today's society, its value and our duties and responsibilities as a member of these +
$159.00 $71.00
Should you go to college? Should you pursue a technical field? This course will help to guide you in this important decision and its ramifications +
$29.99 $13.02
With this introductory Spanish I course, students will develop oral and written abilities by using a range of useful and higher level vocabulary command of the Spanish language +
$149.99 $67.02
This high school elective course will assist you in the improvement of your study skills, organizational abilities and time maximization practices +
$39.99 $17.00

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